April 2011: President’s Message


President’s Message

Mackie BoundsSpringtime Updates from MCAA

Springtime is in the air here in Texas, and I have a new crop of young calves being born daily on the ranch. It is my favorite season, due to it being a time of new life. It also is a great time for us in the construction industry as we see improvement in the weather, and jobs can go full speed ahead. Yes, I do wish we all had more jobs!

Once again I am so proud to be a member of MCAA. The latest reason? Jeff Buczkiewicz, our staff and volunteers from membership have worked diligently to prevent the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) from regulating masonry fireplaces. The EPA credited the MCAA certification program as the reason they held off. Thanks to Jeff and all of us for this success. We came close to having another portion of our work harmed. It never pays to stay quiet when you know that you are right.

Speaking of certification, have you started on your journey? I am almost halfway there, and it has been very rewarding thus far. Our company recently sponsored a MQI class here in Waco and invited other contractors to join us. We had about 17 in the class, and it was great. It was my second time taking the class, with my first time having been in 1992. I also had several of my key management people there, and it was a good for them, too. I want to encourage each of you who have not started the process to do so now. Contact the MCAA office, and start your journey toward being a better contractor.

We have another item to be proud of: by the time you get this month’s magazine, we will have completed our first roundtable safety call. This is such a great networking opportunity for us to talk to each other concerning safety issues we face today. We can learn from each other, and we do not have to pay a consultant or lawyer. Zach Everett, chairman of the MCAA Safety Committee, will make sure that all questions and challenges are answered appropriately. The roundtable call will be the first of many. This is a priceless value to being a member of MCAA.

I also want to remind you about our Legislative Conference, which is planned for May 10 – 12. First of all, Washington, D.C., is a beautiful city to visit but, more important, our visit could make a difference to the bottom lines of our financial statements. So far, MCAA has made a difference in issues, and we will continue to do so. It takes all of us working together on behalf of our industry. We have MilCon and the repeal of the 3% withholding tax to finish off, and we will before we rest. I know times are tough, but I encourage you to make time for this trip and visit your congressman.

Our Mid-Year Meeting will take place in San Antonio, Sept. 14 – 16. You can take a short vacation in this beautiful city, while participating in a great even for our industry. There will be educational opportunities, committee meetings, and a lot of Texas fun. My wife, Norma Jean, and I would love to have you here in our home state.

To all you South of 40 members, I want to see you in D.C. and San Antonio. You can make a huge difference in Washington. The experience is great, and the education that you will receive is priceless. You will need that as you lead our industry to a higher level. In San Antonio, we will have some interesting contests for you to participate in. This old cowboy might want to challenge you in a couple of them!

Until next time, this ole Cowboy says, “Shoot for the moon and, even if you miss, you will land among the stars!”

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