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QUIKRETE’s Red Ranger mortar mix helps rebuild backstop and update main concourse concessions at Texas Rangers Ballpark.

QUIKRETE’s Red Ranger mortar mix helps rebuild backstop and update main concourse concessions at Texas Rangers Ballpark.

Fans attending Texas Rangers home games during the 2013 Major League Baseball season are experiencing the contests at a new-look ballpark in Arlington. Originally opened in 1994, the Rangers Ballpark in Arlington was updated prior to this season with masonry work to the backstop, concession stands, club level dining, ticket box offices and lounge for season ticket holders using QUIKRETE products, including specially formulated, pre-blended Ranger Red mortar mix.

In addition to providing the specialty mortar mix, mason contractor TST Construction Services counted on QUIKRETE to overcome time and space restrictions in installing more than 7,500 square feet of bricks, blocks and cast stone in time for the team’s 53rd season.

QUIKRETE’s Red Ranger mortar mix helps rebuild backstop and update main concourse concessions at Texas Rangers Ballpark.

“We had about three weeks to mobilize with shop drawings, special order products and custom color mortar to meet the tight schedule of completing the project before the baseball season started,” says Michael Pinson, project manager for TST Construction Services. “Additional challenges included limited access to the field and limited staging area for products. To assist with the space restriction, QUIKRETE provided a mini silo system that not only required very little room for mixing and pouring, but also enhanced labor and material efficiency on the job.”

QUIKRETE provided the following products for the Ballpark in Arlington project:

  • 20, 80-pound bags of white Portland Lime Type N (PLN) Mortar
  • 225, 80-pound bags of Ranger Red PLN Mortar
  • 252, 80-pound bags of Course Grout
  • 210, 80-pound bags of gray Portland Line Type S (PLS) Mortar
  • 378, 80-pound bags of white PLS Mortar
  • 22, 3,000-pound bulk bags of white Fine Grout.

QUIKRETE’s Red Ranger mortar mix helps rebuild backstop and update main concourse concessions at Texas Rangers Ballpark.

QUIKRETE says many of its materials have been used on unique, high-profile masonry projects, including the George W. Bush Presidential Center in Texas, Miami Marlins Ballpark in Florida, the National Museum of the American Indian in Washington, D.C., and Georgia Aquarium.

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