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September 2007

New Products

Oklahoma City, Okla.

Masonry Magazine

The Blastrac seven-inch Grinder-Vac is a shrouded grinder system designed to control dust, effectively reduce cleanup time, provide better visibility, and increase productivity. By connecting to a dust collection unit, the Grinder-Vac promotes a virtually dust-free work environment. The system can be fitted with a variety of seven-inch-diameter diamond cup wheels or abrasive disks. The Grinder-Vac utilizes a heavy-duty, high-RPM grinder motor to provide superior performance and durability. The dust shroud on the unit is a tough, yet flexible polyurethane, allowing for hundreds of hours of use. For more information, call (800) 256-3440, or visit www.blastrac.com.

Block Shear LLC
Pittsburgh, Pa.

Masonry Magazine

Block Shear's new 24.5" x 8.25" portable pneumatic over hydraulic stone / slab splitter provides users with a quick, dust-free method for sizing natural stone and precast concrete slabs up to 24 inches wide. The splitter allows users to make straight and angle cuts onŠnatural stone and concrete slabs. The unit features 40,000 pounds of pressure and flat-free tires. For more information, contact Ray Lackner at (412) 445-0703, e-mail ray@blockshear.com, or visit www.blockshear.com.

Diedrich Technologies Inc.
Oak Creek, Wis.

Masonry Magazine

Masonry Magazine

Diedrich Technologies has created a new field-tested, "clean as you go" formula for environmentally conscious mason contractors, architects and building owners looking for a product formulated to meet state and federal specifications where muriatic/hydrochloric acids are not allowed. The New Construction Cleaner Concentrate is recommended for cleaning new masonry mortar smears, and has been tested and highly recommended for the problematic cleaning of cast stone masonry units being used in the industry. Best results with this product are achieved when used within three to seven days by the cleaning contractor. For more information, call (800) 323-3565, or visit www.diedrichtechnologies.com.

Estate Products Manufacturing Group
Louisville, Ky.

Masonry Magazine

With the new, patent-pending ArchClip System, one mason can build an arch in just a few simple steps — a drastic departure from conventional methods. The new system is comprised of two components — an ArchClip and an ArchStrip™ — and is ideal for both residential and commercial use. Each clip is easily positioned around an arch window ledge using a removable insert that serves as a guide for accurate positioning. The ArchStrip feeds into the mouth of the clip, creating a perfect arch form, and is removed once the arch is built. For more information, call (800) 264-5141, or visit www.archclip.com.

Mansfield, Mass.

Masonry Magazine

Galeton, a supplier of fine quality gloves and work gear, has introduced the slip-resistant MAX Gripper glove. The MAX Gripper glove's dotted, slip-resistant palm ensures a secure hold on tools, lumber, pipes and other hard-to-grip instruments. Spandex backing and convenient cinch straps around the wrist provide a comfortable fit for hands of all sizes. For more information or for a free catalog, contact Galeton at P.O. Box 336, Mansfield, MA 02048; call (800) 221-0570; fax (800) 322-2003; e-mail info@galeton.com; or visit www.galeton.com.

Metabo Corporation
West Chester, Pa.

Masonry Magazine

The new KHA24 — Metabo's first 24-volt lithium-ion rotary hammer — features lighter weight, more power, and a longer service life than traditional NiCad rotary hammers. With the battery positioned underneath the tool, the KHA24 is perfectly balanced and can drill precise, straight holes in brick, block, stone or concrete using SDS-Plus carbide-tipped drill bits. The KHA24 offers: a no-load speed of 1,040 RPM; a die-cast aluminum gearbox for rapid heat dissipation and increased tool life; Vibratech anti-vibration side handle and the vibration-dampening rear handle; Vario Tacho Constamatic (VTC) speed stabilization; and Metabo's "CODE" anti-theft system. For more information, call (800) 638-2264, or visit www.metabousa.com.

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