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New Products

Beta Max, Inc.
Melbourne, Fla.

Beta Max, Inc. introduces its new Max ClimberTM 3300 Transport Platform Hoist System. For the first time, the construction industry has access to a single mast, rack and pinion hoist system with a carrying platform up to 14 feet wide and five feet deep. The Max Climber 3300 features heavy-duty galvanized mast sections that are bolted together and anchored to the building exterior or to a scaffold tower. The payload lifting capacity of 3300 lbs. and the large basket size allow materials to move quickly to the work site. For more information, call (800) 233-5112 or visit www.betamaxhoist.com.

Fingertip Solutions, Inc.
League City, Texas

Construction Manager Professional allows project managers the convenience of using their PDAs to manage multiple contractors, deliverables, contracts and proposals, punch list items, and customer lists, as well as cost and scheduling information. This product also allows the manager to archive and recycle information from past construction projects. Construction Manager Professional can be used as a management tool for any size construction project. The software also allows managers to generate simple and advanced reports that can then be e-mailed, saved to Microsoft Word or printed via an IR printer so that information is more easily disseminated. The cost of Construction Manager Professional is $119, and can be purchased and downloaded from www.fingertipsolutions.net.

RS Industrial, Inc.
Buford, Ga.

RS Industrial, Inc. (RSI) has launched its revolutionary and high-tech dry glueTM product lines, the Dry StickTM and Pre-Engineered Adhesive Patch (PEAP), which will be sold under the brand name TacAllTM. Unlike other adhesives, TacAll works on multiple substances and can be used with versatility and ease with masonry, paper, metal, wood, foam, painted walls, tiles, plastic and fabric. This easy-to-use, double-sided adhesive film has an amazing bonding strength and is acid-free, non-toxic and odorless. For further questions, please contact Scott Allen directly at (770) 844-1748. If you have interest in receiving a product sample, please e-mail Tina Cousino at tina.cousino@rsdirect.com.

Quest Solutions, Inc.
Sarasota, Fla.

Quest Solutions, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of Quest Estimator 6.5.5, a digitized takeoff and estimating software. After building an estimate in Estimator, users can export data directly to an Intuit accounting package to include that data in billing, purchasing or other accounting functions. For Master Builder, Quest Estimator allows the user to automatically set part numbers, tasks, phases, cost codes and bid items. Additionally, Estimator 6.5.5 supports both Quickbooks 2003 and 2004 editions, allowing the user to automatically set account codes and build item lists for data exported to Quickbooks. For more information about Estimator 6.5.5 or Quest Solutions, call (800) 452-2342 or e-mail info@questsolutions.com.

Lakeville, Minn.

The quality of work and level of production displayed by any tradesman is directly related to the tools that they use to get the job done. When 50% of the total project cost is labor, give your masons the best tools available and you will get higher production. Because GatorbackTM mortarboards don't suck the moisture from mortar, they can increase the boardlife of mortar by 20-25 minutes. As a result, your masons are consistently using a more workable mortar AND your tenders are not wasting time "shaking up mud" throughout the job. Not only are Gatorback boards extremely tough, they increase productivity, EVERY DAY! For more information, contact Brian at (612) 810-9365 or go to www.gatorback.net.

VERSA-LOK Retaining Wall Systems
Oakdale, Minn.

VERSA-LOK Retaining Wall Systems has introduced a new version of its VERSA-Grid synthetic geogrid that's designed for use with segmental retaining walls up to six feet in height. VERSA-Grid 1.5 is lighter than other VERSA-Grid products and comes in convenient 4'x50' rolls. VERSA-Grid 1.5 is made from high-tenacity, multifilament polyester fibers and has no memory, so it lays flat. It has bidirectional strength, which allows it to be installed either perpendicular or parallel to the wall face when geogrid lengths of four feet or less are specified. For further information about VERSA-LOK products, call (800) 770-4525 or visit www.versa-lok.com.

Does your company have a new product?
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