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Masonry Magazine


The Three R's:
Repairs, Restorations and Rehabs

There's a broad niche of masonry repairs, restorations and rehabs available for the right contractors. We'll highlight a few of the companies currently offering these types of services in the masonry industry and their thoughts on what it takes to compete and survive in this competitive market.

How Do You Know Your Plank is Safe?
Properly manufactured and placed scaffold planking can mean the difference between completing a job safely and on time versus the risk of workplace injuries and construction delays when non-compliant materials or out-of-date planking is used. Speaking with several, leading manufacturers, we explore the issues of planking materials technology, proper care and maintenance, and how to recognize non-standard or out-of-code planking.

Safety Training — Have It Your Way
Today, everything from fast food to new cars is customizable. Fortunately for masonry professionals, so is safety training. From online to onsite, there's a method for satisfying the needs and constraints of every conscientious mason contractor interested in protecting his or her crew.

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