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August 2007

From the Editor

Moving Forward to a Better Tomorrow

Almost everyday in our business lives, we come across situations that require a little more thought. We've all been in scenarios where we've had to take a step back and assess the advantages, disadvantages and powers at play — both positive and negative — behind such situations. Sometimes it really can be a tough call between going down one path or choosing another, especially when it comes to your livelihood.

Some of the best ways to improve your business and your life are to take an educated chance. I'm not referring to a move that might put something of value at risk for little return; I'm referring to taking the next step and putting a little bit more effort into making things better. You have to calculate the possible expense and effort compared to the possibility of creating a better situation for you and your company in the long run.

The August issue of Masonry offers a subtle theme centered on these business decisions, such as: changing the direction of your company to include a new niche, like repairs, rehabs and restoration work; becoming educated so that your company avoids industry problems, such as using uncertified planking; or looking into better ways to train your employees, now and into the future.

This idea can be taken a step further when looking at the Mason Contractors Association of America's (MCAA) initiative to promote the masonry industry with its National Mason Contractor Certification program. Like anything else, you certainly have to weigh the work, expense, risk and potential outcome to see if it's a good investment for your business' future. However, this reflection must be made on truthful facts, not inaccurate rumors and innuendos (see page 6).

I believe that if you weigh the facts, the national certification program offers advantages and benefits that far outweigh the work and little expense involved. The only risk involved is not moving forward with such a program.



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