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New Products

Bobcat Company
West Fargo, N.D.

New Products for Masonry Contractors

For construction contractors who need to pick up and place materials as high as three stories, they can now do so with the V638 VersaHandler telescopic tool carrier (TTC) from Bobcat Company. The V638 VersaHandler TTC is designed as a pick-and-place machine, and is ideal for construction customers who need increased lift height and reach. The 6,700-pound maximum load capacity V638 features a three-stage boom with a maximum lift height of 38 feet 11 inches. The telehandler is equipped with numerous standard features, including road and working lights, fenders and mirrors. For more information, visit www.bobcat.com/RRV638.

St. Paul, Minn.

New Products for Masonry Contractors

Available in three sizes, the ProFlex kneeling pads provide workers with comfort and protection when kneeling on hard surfaces. ProFlex kneeling pads are made of a thick, closed-cell foam rubber, which will not compression set. The pads are silicon-free, non-marring, non-conductive and resistant to petroleum products and other liquids. To provide more options for differing work environments and individual safety needs, the kneeling pads are available in three sizes — the ProFlex 380 (14"x21"x1"), ProFlex 385 (16"x 28"x1") and ProFlex 390 (18"x36"x1"). The suggested market price for ProFlex kneeling pads ranges from $24 to $50. For more information, call (800) 225-8238, or visit www.ergodyne.com.

Famiglietti Enterprises LLC
Suffield, Conn.

New Products for Masonry Contractors

The Twist n' Grout is used with a bag having two openings, such as a cone-shaped bag used to dispense mortar. The tool seals one opening and assists in forcing flowable substance out of the bag by twisting. The Twist n' Grout provides a better method for applying a constant pressure to the bag, thereby forcing the mortar out in a continuous flow. For more information, call (860) 668-7602.

Pro Tech Communications Inc.
Fort Pierce, Fla.

New Products for Masonry Contractors

The NoiseBuster Electronic Noise Cancellation (ENC) Earmuff delivers up to 20dB of ENC and has a passive noise reduction rating of 26dB (over-the-head). The NoiseBuster ENC Earmuff uses a microphone inside the ear cup to listen to noise coming into the ear. The system takes that information and uses it to create a noise wave that is identical to, but directly opposite of, the one coming into the ear. The "anti-noise" wave is output through a speaker, also located in the ear cup. When the two waves meet, the noise is significantly reduced. For more information, call (877) 226-1944, or visit www.noisebuster.net.

RJL Innovations
Manville, N.J.

New Products for Masonry Contractors

HANDI-STRAPS will adapt to virtually any exercise or work involving lifting or pulling. From shoveling and picking up objects, to dragging or pulling objects, HANDI-STRAPS will perform at optimum levels. HANDI-STRAPS simply transfers the load from the hands to the shoulder area, and distributes the load evenly across the entire upper back area. HANDI-STRAPS will make loads feel up to 50 percent lighter, and adds much greater stability of a load. For more information, call (908) 526-1171, or visit www.handi-straps.com.

Auburndale, Fla.

New Products for Masonry Contractors

SEAL-KRETE's new commercial-grade waterproofer is an advanced, high-solid, siliconized, acrylic blend designed to protect and strengthen bare, porous concrete and masonry, such as split-face or fluted concrete block. SEAL-KRETE commercial-grade waterproofer is 25 percent solids, and provides a tough, breathable film that will not yellow. In addition, it meets ASTM SS-W-110-C for Water Repellency on Masonry and ASTM 5590-00 Mildew Resistance. With a very small particle size, it yields exceptional penetration depth. It also has low VOCs, is non-hazardous, and easy on the environment. For more information, visit www.seal-krete.com.

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