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From the Editor

Masonry magazine is extremely pleased to offer an insightful feature article by Christopher Huckabee, AIA (see page 14). For those of you who are not familiar with Huckabee and his work, his accolades include:

  • CEO of Huckabee & Associates Inc.

  • Registered architect in Texas, New Mexico and Colorado

  • Led his company from a five-person firm to a 50-person firm in 10 years' time

  • Recipient of the 2001 AGC "Architectural Firm of the Year" award

  • Recipient of PSMJ's first annual "Design Industry CEO of the Year" award

  • Nationally recognized speaker of six years

  • Published magazine author

  • Author of "Are You Building a School ... or a Liability?" — a book that focuses on the use of total masonry construction in K-12 publicly funded schools for the purpose of reduced lifecycle costs, safety and mold resistance, among other benefits.

Huckabee joins us to discuss his great respect for total masonry construction. He has traveled from one end of the United States to the other, teaching building owners, school districts, engineers and fellow architects about the virtues of masonry construction, specifically in the design of educational facilities.

In a recent Q&A article for School Construction News, Huckabee recounted how his father started designing buildings out of masonry in the '60s and just kept on going. Despite changes in trends and the economy, Huckabee & Associates has continued to build with the system that they felt was the best — total masonry construction. In the mid-90s, Huckabee was asked to discuss his firm's use of "unique materials." Huckabee recalled scoffing at the idea that they were the only architectural firm using masonry in school design. In the interview, he said: "I was asked to find another firm that designed predominately in masonry, and we couldn't find one." For the good of the building owners and end users, this was the beginning of Huckabee's one-man crusade to encourage others to rediscover and use the one building material that has a long lifecycle, low maintenance, high fire ratings and resistance to mold — masonry.

While his belief in total masonry construction still has not wavered, in this issue of Masonry, he bids the seminar circuit — and the masonry promotion that went with it — a fond farewell. In turn, he passes the torch on to those in the masonry industry — the true owners of the flame — to carry on. It is now time for the industry — mason contractors, manufacturers, associations and others who make their living by this trade — to step up and carry on the promotion of masonry systems.

Finally, you have one more chance to hear Huckabee speak on total masonry construction. At the 2007 MCAA Masonry Showcase, being held in Orlando, Feb. 22-24, Huckabee will address the industry and discuss masonry versus tilt-up construction. Don't miss this opportunity to hear one of the greatest spokespersons for the masonry industry! For more information, visit www.masoncontractors.org.



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