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New Products

Alimak Hek, Inc.
Bridgeport, Conn.

New Products for Masonry Contractors

The new modular concept Scando 650 hoist from Alimak offers improved performance, durability flexability and lifting capacity with lower energy consumption and reduced cost of ownership. The Scando 650 hoist offers complete flexibility with a large number of configurations offering different doors/gates, drive units, speed and payload capacity, etc., to suit virtually any customer application using relatively few modules and components. Available in single or twin car configurations, the Scando 650 offers payloads of 3,530 to 6,600 lbs/car and has a standard maximum lifting height of 660 ft, which can be increased to 1,315 ft on request. The non-counterwieighted Scando 650 operates at speeds of up to 215 ft/minute. For more information, visit www.alimakhek.com.

Beta Max, Inc.
Melbourne, Fla.

New Products for Masonry Contractors

Beta Max, Inc., a provider of affordable personnel and material lifting solutions, offers its durable mud tub for carrying mud, plaster and/or tools on construction job sites. These plastic containers are reusable and easy to clean making them ideally suited for the masonry and building industry. Featuring a strong plastic composition, Beta Max's mud tubs are resilient enough to withstand inclement weather conditions and harsh industrial environments. The containers measure 42"x27"x18" or 42"x27"x28" and can be used with Beta Max's wide range of portable hoists. For more information, visit www.betamaxhoist.com or call (800) 233-5112.

Bobcat Company
West Fargo, N.D.

New Products for Masonry Contractors

An entry-level machine, the Bobcat® T140 is a compact track loader that works well in difficult ground conditions. The new radius lift path loader is just 56" wide and 124" long (with bucket) and has a 1400-lb. rated operating capacity (ROC), making it ideal for contractors looking for optimal power in a compact, tough and agile machine with great maneuverability in tight conditions. The Bobcat T140 has a lug track that distributes the operating weight of the 6,424-lb. loader over a larger area, resulting in a 5.0-psi ground pressure. The T140 offers 16.9 gpm of auxiliary hydraulic flow and is powered by a liquid-cooled, 46-hp diesel engine. For more information, visit www.bobcat.com or call (866) 823-7898.

Hilti, Inc.
Tulsa, Okla.

New Products for Masonry Contractors

Its classic design and light weight mean the Hilti WSR 1250-PE reciprocating saw is easy to take to the job site. The saw's 12-amp motor gives it the strength to tackle cutting light masonry while constant blade speed under load significantly reduces cutting time. A variable speed trigger provides optimized cutting, and a six-position fully adjustable contact shoe offers better cutting depth control and more efficient blade use. The saw features an anti-vibration system that reduces vibration and extends blade life. Hilti offers a variety of blades including carbide tipped blades for cutting through cement board, brick and block. For more information, visit www.us.hilti.com or call (800) 879-8000.

Illinois Glove Company
Chicago, Ill.

New Products for Masonry Contractors

Ever wish you had hand protection on the job site and the added dexterity to handle detailed tasks? The new Framer's/Heavy-Duty High Performance Gloves from Illinois Glove Company offer the dexterity and protection needed on demanding projects, as well as the comfort and full range of use never before seen in a work glove. For building professionals, the Framer's/Heavy-Duty High Performance Gloves are made with premium grain goatskin construction with a half-finger first, second and thumb making it easy for exposed fingers to work with fasteners and other small parts. The glove features reinforced palm patches, shock-absorbing knuckle padding and a spandex back. For more information, visit www.illinoisglove.com or call (800) 342-5458.

OCM, Inc.
Vernon Hills, Ill.

New Products for Masonry Contractors

Available in two sizes, the OCM Anchor has 23-1/2" or 29-1/2" of rebar pre-assembled into the anchor. The innovative feature of this anchor is that adhesive does not need be used in the installation of this product. This means labor cost savings in the installation and no delays due to weather or temperature restrictions. You simply hammer the anchor into the foundation and the installation is complete. There is no curing time or waste of partially used adhesives. For more information, visit www.ocm-inc.com or call (866) 457-5710, ext. 142.

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