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New Products

Mayer Equity, Inc.
Westbury, N.Y.

Mayer Equity's new glass block connector facilitates the erection of curved or straight glass block panels. The Accu-Speed Glass Block Connector, constructed of high-density polyethylene, are shaped like plus (+) signs for maximum strength and accuracy. In addition, they ensure uniform alignment and spacing of the blocks while imparting structural rigidity and reinforcement. With Accu-Speed, the weight of the above blocks no longer bears down directly on the mortar, but is instead supported by the connectors. An entire panel can be built from sill to head uninterrupted, while cutting back in time — thereby in labor costs — by more than 50%. For more information, call (516) 333-0101.

Columbia, Mo.

GOLZ-USA announces the arrival of the high-frequency drilling and sawing system for the professional contractor. The GOLZ system allows the use of multiple tools with a single power box converter. By converting standard 115v and 460v three-phase power to 1000Hz-high frequency, the operator will have a significant increase in production and power. The 110v-28 amp system converts to 3100w of power and the 460v three-phase, 13-amp, water-cooled system converts to 8000w. Either system can adapt to a hand saw, hand drill or four-speed drill rig. The brushless armatures spin at 30,000 rpm and have a 20:1 gear reduction to produce high power in a very light tool. For more information, visit www.golzusa.com or call (573) 445-2683.

Mobile Service Technologies, Inc.
Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

The MCS3 Workstation delivers a comprehensive workstation and tool storage solution for building contractors. It enables users to transport a full range of tools and an adjustable, level worktable into tight areas. The station has lockable, ten-inch pneumatic wheels and features an adjustable saw table, two heavy-duty saw horses, a seven drawer work bench, large tool storage, six outlet electrical strip, and even a mounted fire extinguisher. The workstation is designed to withstand a load capacity of 1000 lbs., and all features are able to carry heavy loads under heavy usage. Optional accessories include a receiver hitch platform and protective cover. For more information, visit www.mcs3workstation.com or call (208) 292-2857.

The QUIKRETE® Companies
Atlanta, Ga.

QUIKRETE Polyurethane Construction Adhesive is a fast-cure, permanently flexible product that is ideal for repairing broken concrete and fastening wood, polystyrene insulation, metal or glass to concrete and masonry surfaces. The permanent elastic bond characteristic makes Polyurethane Construction Adhesive perfect for perimeter sealing and bonding materials that expand at different rates. The adhesive is currently available in 10.3 oz. (300 ml) tubes. For additional information, please visit www.quikrete.com or call (800) 282-5828.

Olathe, Kan.

A premium blade designed for everything ranging from the hardest materials, like brick, concrete and cement, to the softest materials, the HI-5 ("High Five") is the only all-purpose diamond blade with aggressive notched segments that grab and grind material for a rapid "first cut." In field tests, the HI-5 has proven to cut brick up to 50% faster than comparable blades, speeding the completion of jobs for contractors. Made of high-quality steel for powerful high-speed machines, the HI-5 can withstand maximum friction heat without wobbling, ensuring a straight and smooth cut. HI-5 diamond blades are available in 12, 14 and 16" sizes. For more information, call (800) 288-5040 or (913) 928-1000, or visit www.targetblue.com.

Bosch Power Tools and Accessories
Mount Pleasant, Ill.

Bosch's popular 1700-series small angle grinders are getting a facelift with the addition of a vibration-dampening side-assist handle and new tool-free guard. Understanding that grinding for long periods of time can be fatiguing, Bosch developed a brand new vibration-dampening side-assist handle that cuts vibration by 60%. The new models are the 4-1/2-inch 1700 and 1710 units, five-inch 1701, 1711 and 1703EVS units, and the six-inch 1706E unit. At the same time, Bosch is also launching two new "no lock-on" paddle switch grinders, the 4-1/2-inch 1710D and five-inch 1711D units that also include the above additional features. For more information, call toll-free (877) 267-2499 or visit www.boschtools.com.

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