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Washington's "Masonry: It Makes A Village"

In anticipation of winning a trip to the national competition, to be held during MCAA's Masonry Showcase and convention in Chicago, April 2005, the masonry structures in Washington's "Masonry: It Makes A Village" were even more impressive than the past four years. As always, teams of masons and architects combined their talents to design a masonry structure that can be found in, around or near a village.

Diverse entries, ranging from "The Flintstones' Living Room" to a moving tribute to local fire, police and rescue squads, led the field of 10 entries. During the two-day construction time, it was almost impossible to tell the architects from the masons, as each was diligently intent on making every joint, course and individual masonry unit fit perfectly.

Visitors to our masonry village were treated to see such artistic beauties as the "Roman Slinky," "Windswept" and "Limitless Paths," which added the look and feel of Old World sculptures. The lighthouse and gateway to the village provided a beacon to entice visitors into the village. A masonry sundial — which actually worked — added its unique creation and design to the village square, while "The Drawbridge" carried visitors across a watery moat. The moving tribute to local rescue teams, topped with an American flag, brought the patriotism and sentimentality necessary to keep everyone grounded in reality. The living room of Fred and Wilma Flintstone provided the comic relief. But the biggest draw into the village was "The MIW Express," a locomotive complete with tracks, smoking stack and coal-burning firebox that brought the biggest oohs and aahs.

Each year, our projects get more intricate, more involved and more unique. Our thanks to all of the teams of masons and architects, as well as our material suppliers.

Please visit our web site (www.masonryinstitute.com/village04) for all of the names, credits and additional photos.

Project Name: The MIW Express
Team: R&D Masonry and Ross McClure Cornwell Architects, PLLC
Voted: Best Use of Glass Block and Most Creative

Project Name: The Sundial
Team: Lund Masonry and KDW Architects, PS
Voted: Most Innovative

Project Name: Windswept
Team: *Fairweather Masonry and Bassetti Architects
Voted: Most Artistic

Project Name: The Flintstones' Living Room
Team: Wards' Masonry and the National Association of Women in Masonry
Voted: Most Imaginative

Project Name: Tribute to Heroes
Team: The Henson Company and MulvannyG2 Architecture
Voted: Most Inspirational and Patriotic

Project Name: The Drawbridge
Team: *Barkshire Panel Systems and Rundberg Architectural Group
Voted: Most Operational

Project Name: The Roman Slinky
Team: *J&S Masonry and Zimmer Gunsul Frasca Partnership
Voted: Best Masonry in Motion

Project Name: Gateway to the Village
Team: Cascade Construction and Architects Rasmussen Triebelhorn
Voted: Best Interpretation of Theme

Project Name: Limitless Paths
Team: Henderson Masonry and Architects BCRA
Voted: Most Philosophical

Project Name: Guiding Light
Team: Western Masonry and Richert & Associates
Voted: Most Practical



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