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From the Editor

The building on this month's cover is not only a striking structure, but it also harnesses the power of symbolism. Naturally, humans associate certain objects and beings with those virtues that they feel are synonymous with these things. For instance, American eagles are generally thought of as symbolic of power, freedom and patriotism.

This month, the masonry work by Expert Masonry, Inc., West Chester, Ohio, and Blakely Corporation, Indianapolis, Ind., on the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center will debut in Cincinnati (see page 32). Masonry was specifically chosen, not only for its durability and longevity, but also because the architect felt there is a strong symbolic tie with the virtues of courage, cooperation, perseverance and steadfastness. The fact that masonry is naturally associated with these and other virtues is just one more reason why the masonry building system is considered the best in the world.

Also appearing in this issue are several articles about safety. Marian Marshall, MCAA Director of Government Affairs, gives readers an update on OSHA regulations that merit everyone's utmost attention (see page 8). The August issue also features a rundown on what you need to know about keeping your personnel safe on the job site (see page 14). This section discusses everything from personal protection and silica dust, to using scaffolding netting and ABC's new safety guide.

One of the readers' favorites appears this month with the return of Washington's and Utah's "Masonry: It Makes a Village" (see pages 34 and 36). Every year brings bigger and better designs, showing the world that masonry can do just about anything that the imagination designs.

Mark Lukkarila joins us from SPEC MIX, Inc., for a fascinating discussion of the history of grout, from the ages of Greeks and Romans to the current technologies being utilized today (see page 22). With centuries-old masonry structures still standing to this day, it's hard to think of using any other building system.

Masonry's columnists Timothy R. Hughes, Esq. of Hughes & Associates, P.L.L.C., and Mark Silver of Contractor Marketing, Inc., provide some excellent advice for how to build and protect your business (see pages 38 and 40).

Last, but certainly not least, we have a wide array of news items from across the nation (see page 43). It's great to hear so much going on in the masonry community, so keep the news coming! Send your information and/or pictures with captions to jen@lionhrtpub.com, or mail to: Jennie Farnsworth, Lionheart Publishing, Inc., 506 Roswell St., Suite 220, Marietta, GA. 30060.



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