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New Products

Bacou-Dalloz / Howard Leight
San Diego, Calif.

Masonry Magazine - August 2003

Once inside the ear, SmartFit warms up and takes on the shape of the surrounding ear canal and is designed to feel better the longer it's worn. In addition, its conforming fit means that one size is suitable for nearly all employees. It has a noise reduction rating (NRR) of 25 for solid, reliable protection and is ideal in applications that require constant hearing protection over extended periods of time. SmartFit features a flanged handle for easy insertion and removal, detachable fabric cord, and a storage case. For more information or to request samples, call (877) 618-1905 or visit www.howardleight.com/smartfit/samples or www.bacou-dalloz.com.

Rostra Precision Controls, Inc.
Laurinburg, N.C.

Masonry Magazine - August 2003

Operating like an extra set of eyes for drivers, the RearSentry detects objects that are not in clear view. The system uses microwave technology to warn drivers when an obstacle is in their path, up to 12 feet away. The driver is alerted through a series of audible beeps that increase in intensity as the object draws closer, and from an in-cab read-out display with green, yellow and red warning lights. RearSentry comes with a three year, unlimited mileage warranty, and sells for less than $500 for most applications. For more information call (800) 782-3379 or visit www.rostra.com.

Empire Level
Mukwonago, Wis.

Masonry Magazine - August 2003

Empire's newest design in box levels combines traditional style — a box beam shape — with new features, such as a beefier frame, large ergonomic handgrips, and rubber contact points. The vials are machined from a single block of acrylic and white vial holders reflect light making it easier to read in low light conditions. Also, the handgrips are larger than most and are made of tactile grip rubber. Another special detail is found in the utility hook hang holes: made of the same material as the handgrips, the hang holes serve as contact points that stabilize the level against the wall during use. For more information call (800) 558-0722 or visit their website at www.empirelevel.com.

MK Diamond Products, Inc.
Torrance, Calif.

Masonry Magazine - August 2003

MK Diamond proudly announces the release of the MK- 212 Dynamic Wet Cutting Stone/Tile Saw. The MK-212 Tile/Stone Saw comes equipped with a powerful 1-1/2 hp (115 V) direct drive motor with a 10" blade capacity allowing a 2-1/2 depth of cut, 1-3/4" depth of cut on 45 degree miter cuts. The MK-212 Tile/Stone Saw has the capacity to rip cut 36" material and diagonally cut 24" material. It comes with a 10" chip-free diamond blade and an adjustable cutting guide. For more information, call (800) 421-5830 or visit www.mkdiamond.com.

Dexter + Chaney
Seattle, Wash.

Masonry Magazine - August 2003

Dexter + Chaney has launched an integrated Human Resources module for its Forefront¨ Construction Management Software that automates the employee-management process in all areas of a construction business, from recruitment through retirement. The Human Resource module — designed to meet the specific needs of construction companies — handles such complex human relations issues as pay rates and benefits, safety, workers' compensation, training, drug testing and skills certification. Human relations-related information is entered into Forefront only once and shared with Forefront's other modules as required. For more information, call (800) 875-1400 or (206) 364-1400, or visit www.dexterchaney.com.

Cynthiana, Ky.

Masonry Magazine - August 2003

Reduce heat stress and improve productivity! Bullard Isotherm¨ technology helps reduce heat-related illnesses often experienced in today's difficult work environments. The cool packs within the vest can be recharged thousands of times, providing hours of safe, controlled body temperature management. For more information, call (877)-BULLARD, or visit www.bullard.com.

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