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President's Message

William McConnell - President, MCAA

If it has not already begun to happen, soon you will be inundated with brochures asking you to attend various tradeshows for next year. It happens at this time every year. And if you are like me, you don't have the time to attend more than one industry tradeshow. As President of the Mason Contractors Association, I am going to ask you to come to our show ... Masonry Showcase, next March 21-24 in Las Vegas.

There are a number of great reasons to come to Masonry Showcase next March. Masonry Showcase is the only show for mason contractors that will be in Las Vegas next year. All the fun of Las Vegas will be right outside of your door at the 2004 Masonry Showcase. For most of you, I could stop right there and know that you will choose Masonry Showcase as your trade show to attend next year.

However, there are other compelling reasons to go. First of all, if you are serious about building a stronger masonry industry, Masonry Showcase is where you need to be. The Showcase is sponsored by the Mason Contractors Association of America and also hosts our national conference. All of our Association's meetings held at the show are attended by mason contractors like you, focused on building a stronger industry. We invite you to be a part of our industry's future by joining our efforts, and Masonry Showcase is where it all takes place. In addition, Masonry Showcase is the once a year opportunity for all of us to personally meet and discuss our industry. It is also where we can collectively collaborate on how to compete more effectively against our industry's competitors. Thirdly, we offer a highly professional degree of educational workshops and seminars — not just for you — but for your employees as well. Thirteen workshops on such hot topics as masonry wall bracing, "People Management" by Charles Vander Kooi, and "MORE Construction Productivity" by Dr. James Adrian, in addition to a "Basic Estimating" seminar, and a two-day "Foreman Development" course make attending Masonry Showcase profitable for you and your firm.

If you haven't ever attended Masonry Showcase, or if you've missed it for a year or two, this is a great opportunity to come and meet your fellow mason contractors. This is the year to enjoy the wide range of exhibits, numerous social "networking" sessions — such as our closing banquet at the Bellagio Hotel at Cirque Du Soleil's "O" — and notable speakers such as former NFL referee Art Holtz and inspiring NFL coach and broadcaster Sam Wyche. Of course, all the fun of Las Vegas will be right outside your door.

This is the year to come home to Masonry Showcase.

You will be glad you did.

See you next March 21-24 at Masonry Showcase in Las Vegas.



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