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July 2007

New Products Round-up 2007

Page 4

RJL Innovations
Manville, N.J.

Masonry Magazine

HANDI-STRAPS will adapt to virtually any exercise or work involving lifting or pulling. From shoveling and picking up objects, to dragging or pulling objects, HANDI-STRAPS will perform at optimum levels. HANDI-STRAPS simply transfers the load from the hands to the shoulder area, and distributes the load evenly across the entire upper back area. HANDI-STRAPS will make loads feel up to 50 percent lighter, and adds much greater stability of a load. For more information, call (908) 526-1171, or visit www.handi-straps.com.

TieHook LLC
Corte Madera, Calif.

Masonry Magazine

TieHook LLC, a privately held manufacturer and distributor of specialty cargo systems, announced the national availability of its patented TieHook system. The product automates the process of tying knots when securing any type of goods with rope to utility racks, truck beds or trailers. For professionals, the TieHook represents a step forward for safety and efficiency, especially for those in construction and other businesses where people need to load and unload quickly, all the while knowing with confidence that they are hauling a safe and secure load. For more information, call (415) 462-0599, or visit www.tiehook.com.

Trow and Holden Inc.
Barre, Vt.

Masonry Magazine

Trow and Holden Company's carbide-tipped Hammer Point is the fast, easy way to rough out a block. It's also perfect for removing a difficult knot or high spot. You can swing the Hammer Point like a regular hammer or use the sturdy fiberglass handle to hold in position while you strike it with another hammer. Keeping your hand away from the action allows you to deliver a powerful blow without fear of a missed strike. This could be the most valuable tool in your toolbox. Now available in two- and four-pound weights. For more information, call (800) 451-4349, or visit www.trowandholden.com to order online.

Charlotte, N.C.

Masonry Magazine

WIRE-BOND has introduced the patent-pending CoreLock, a new rebar positioner that installs securely into — instead of on top of — the CMU core. CoreLock's diagonal design locks the positoner 1-1/4-inch deep into the core of the CMU, eliminating any possibility of movement of the positioner during block installation and keeping rebar centered in the core. The simple, one-piece, no-weld construction makes installation easy. Several two- and four-position designs are available for eight- and 12-inch block. For more information, visit www.wirebond.com.



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