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July 2007

New Products

Bon Tool Co.
Gibsonia, Pa.

Masonry Magazine

Bon's 2007 expanded product line of landscaping tools includes flexible and rigid paver restraints manufactured in both lightweight and pro-grade, heavy-duty PVC. The restraints are nailed into the ground to set the edges or borders of masonry landscape jobs in place, and contractors can opt for the flexible or rigid style to best accommodate the layout of the job. The new restraint system has a vertical height of 1-3/4 inches, suitable for most solid pavers and masonry units available. The paver restraints are manufactured in 7' 6" lengths and sold 12 pieces per box. Anchoring stakes and anchoring spikes are sold separately. For more information, call (724) 443-7080, or visit www.bontool.com.

Husqvarna Construction Products
Olathe, Kan.

Masonry Magazine

The EH EXTRM dry, high-speed diamond blade from Husqvarna is a new and improved version of the popular EH+ Series. It is 15 percent faster than the EH+ Series, with better life in most applications. The blade features a 0.450-inch segment height. Available in three bond hardnesses, there is an EH EXTRM blade to meet any demanding need. The product range includes power cutters, floor saws, tile and masonry saws, wall and wire saws, core drilling machines and diamond tools for these and other applications. For more information, visit www.husqvarna.com.

Metabo Corporation
West Chester, Pa.

Masonry Magazine

Developed in conjunction with the Porsche Design Group, the P'7911 Multihammer combines all the essential functions of a drill with the power of a pneumatic hammer and, with just one switch, conveniently alternates between any of the tool's five different functions. The tool's unique housing — made of genuine carbon fiber and aluminium — provides great rigidity and strength. With the handle mounted on top of the housing, the P'7911 is easy to operate because the forces acting are almost perfectly balanced. The new 705-watt, six-amp Multihammer offers 133 inch pounds of torque and 2.0 joules per blow. For more information, call (800) 638-2264, or visit www.metabousa.com.

Pave Tech
Prior Lake, Minn.

Masonry Magazine

Used as guiding lights for walkways, entrances and parking spaces or for borders along paved areas, PaverBRIGHTS are suitable for industrial, public and residential applications. Available in 11 sizes and six colors, design possibilities are limitless. Features include: 100,000-hour operating life (35 years at eight hours per day); 10-year limited warranty; 0.3 Watts LED lights; constant light stability; high impact resistance; low operating temperature; capabilities up to 131 feet (40 m) from transformer, with no voltage drop; non-slip, non-skid materials; and no special tools required for installation. For more information, call (800) 728-3832, or visit www.pavetech.com/lighting.htm.

The QUIKRETE® Companies
Atlanta, Ga.

Masonry Magazine

QUIKRETE's Polymer Modified Veneer Stone Mortar is a consistent, pre-blended mortar containing properly graded masonry sand and dry polymer resin designed for veneer applications and repointing of stone and thin brick. The polymer modified mortar mix is formulated and tested to provide contractors with improved mortar-to-unit compatibility and optimal bond strength. The mortar has improved consistency and workability; provides better adhesion and allows for dry stacking installation; provides twice the bond strength of standard masonry mortars; and exceeds ASTM C-207 requirements for Type S mortars. Available in 80-pound bags and 3,000-pound super sacks, as well as in 20 standard colors, and non-polymer modified and integral water repellant formulas. For more information, visit www.quikrete.com.

Triton Power
Miami, Fla.

Masonry Magazine

Triton Power has introduced the 29 kW John Deere rental-grade mobile generator set with trailer. The generator offers a full-blown construction site product as well as the ability to be a backup power source for a facility. Sound attenuated to reduce unwanted noise, the generator comes with a two-year / 1,500-hour limited warranty, aluminum rust-proof enclosure, and a built-in fuel tank, allowing up to a 48-hour run time. This unit is designed with quiet in mind as it operates at a very low 68 dB. Additionally, the unit can be switched from three phase to single phase using an advanced voltage change over switch. For more information, visit www.tritonpower.com.

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