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President's Message

Masonry Magazine

Did you ever get an OSHA citation and not know what to do? Did you feel that you only had two choices: hire an attorney and pay tens of thousands on legal fees, or pay the fine?

Members of the Mason Contractors Association of America (MCAA) know they have a third choice, and that's to call the MCAA headquarters for advice and guidance. Our members know that we can save them thousands in attorney fees by giving them advice as to what to do well before they have to hire an attorney. That is just one benefit of belonging to the only national association helping mason contractors compete. What would that be worth to you?

Have you ever had a technical question or problem on a job with an architect or general contractor that did not understand masonry? Our members know that they can call our national association and get advice as to how the problem might be solved without hiring outside engineers, consultants or attorneys to solve the dispute. What would that be worth to you and your company?

Our members have found that membership in the MCAA is a great investment on many levels, which can save their company money in the long run.

Membership in the MCAA can be a great investment for you as well. Not only are we helping your company in key areas, such as the ones I just mentioned, but the MCAA is also fighting everyday to protect your business and your future.

Our full-time representation in Washington, D.C., protects you from a federal government that would overtax or over regulate you. We have full-time representation in the codes arena to protect your markets and keep it easy and less expensive to build with masonry. Our full-time representation in workforce development, with programs such as our foreman development class, helps you train your employees to be profit centers for your company.

I am inviting you to join the MCAA and to invest in the only association that will be an active partner in building and protecting your business and your future.

It is easy to join: Simply locate the application opposite this article, complete it, and mail or fax it back to us today. You will then have joined fellow mason contractors from around the country who are making a difference in the future of masonry.

Become a part of the future of masonry. Join the MCAA today.



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