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June 2008

New Products

Allmand Bros. Inc.
Holdrege, Neb.

Information about the Masonry Industry

Allmand Bros. Inc.'s SHO-HD lighting system is designed to deliver brighter and whiter light for enhanced visibility and greater coverage of jobsites. The SHO-HD system is fully integrated into the exclusive SHO parallel lamp fixtures found on all Allmand light towers. Featuring 1,250-watt lamps and ballasts, the SHO-HD produces 150,000 lumens per lamp, a 36 percent increase over the 110,000-lumen output of standard 1,000-watt lamps. This illumination increase allows the SHO-HD to light up to 45 percent more surface area to one-half footcandle or higher, when compared with various 1,000-watt fixtures. For more information, visit www.allmand.com.

Easy Access Industrial Distributors Inc.
Abbotsford, B.C.

Information about the Masonry Industry

You can increase your access easily with our spring-loaded, one-piece, high tensile aluminum foldable work platforms. Heavy-duty, 450-pound-capacity Joe Scaffold Portable Work Platforms include a three-step model with an 18-inch X four-foot deck. The four- and five-step deck models offer an 18-inch X five-foot, three-inch deck with up to six different height settings, reaching up to almost six feet. Lighter weight, 300-pound capacity Step Deck Portable Work Platforms include three- and four-step models with 15-feet X 44-inch decks, and up to five different height settings. For more information, contact Mark Critchfield at 573-445-2683, or visit www.joescaffold.com.

Tulsa, Okla.

Information about the Masonry Industry

Designed for the toughest applications, the Hilti DS-HS 80 V2 Hand-Held Gas Saw provides increased performance in deep cuts and features a new carburetor setting for increased acceleration. The narrow tool body and tall motor provide greater balance and less vibration for optimum working comfort. The DS-HS 80 V2 also features a redesigned starter assembly, a cooler running motor and redesigned tank geometry that improves fuel intake. Additionally, the saw's reversible steel flanges allow you to stock multiple blade types without the needs for different arbors. For more information, visit www.us.hilti.com.

Push Button Masonry
Peosta, Iowa

Information about the Masonry Industry

Push Button Masonry's Han-D-Saw saw table allows you to make a table saw out of your portable cut-off saw. The saw mounts to the table with just a few bolts. Simply loosen the bolts, and you can remove the saw to use as a handsaw again. You no longer need to decide between a handsaw and a table saw. Since the Han-D-Saw saw table is lightweight and has removable legs, it is easy to move. It makes the perfect table saw on the scaffolding, especially when doing those gable ends. For more information, visit www.pushbuttonmasonry.com.

Frankfort, Ill.

Information about the Masonry Industry

The Edge is a cable-free noise dosimeter with exceptional battery life. The thin, lightweight, contoured shoulder-mount instrument conforms to the worker's body for comfortable use, while maintaining an upward orientation for the one-quarter-inch microphone that is attached with a screw-on windscreen. It's offered with one- or five-bay docking stations for quick and easy recharge. Data logging and time history are available with instant data review, via The Edge's LCD viewing screen. For more information, contact Sean Brantl at 630-757-1778.

VanHearron Inc.
Des Moines, Iowa

Information about the Masonry Industry

VanHearron Inc.'s grout, tile and concrete sealants are easily applied and durable. The company develops products with the end users in mind. Whether the job calls for "contractor's favorite" topical solutions or uniquely formulated add-mix, all products are designed to save time and money, and provide a finish that is perfect every time. Learn more about GroutOnce!, DeepSeal, TopGrout and TopTile by contacting Andy Heavener at 479-996-1415.

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