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New Equipment Round-up 2005

With so many different construction shows — like the Masonry Showcase, MCPX, World of Masonry, ConExpo-Con/Agg and others — happening across the U.S., new and amazing products for the industry are popping up as well. Here is just a taste of some of the new masonry products that are fresh from the tradeshow floors:


Information for Masonry Contractors

Sure Klean Sand Joint Stabilizer keeps the sand in outdoor paver joints by bonding the loose grains in the joint and to each other. The treatment stabilizes the entire paver installation and helps joints resist erosion from weather and typical maintenance cleaning. In addition, Sand Joint Stabilizer serves as a water repellent, both for the joint and the paver surface. The durable, scuff-resistant coating deepens the paver color. It also keeps dirt and other contaminants from penetrating joints and pavers, making cleaning easier. Treatment service life is about three years. For more info, call toll-free (800) 255-4255 or visit www.prosoco.com.

STOW Construction Equipment

Information for Masonry Contractors

STOW's CDM-1H hand-held core drill is designed for smaller applications in several materials, including brick, masonry block and concrete. This single-speed model excels in wet drilling applications up to three inches in diameter. The 11-amp, 115-volt hand-held core drill operates at 0-1,800 rpm. This drill weighs only nine pounds. It comes with a convenient, adjustable shoulder rest, a three-position handgrip and internal water feed. A carry case and tools are also included. For more information, call (877) 289-7869 or visit www.stowmfg.com.

Masonry Tec Products

Information for Masonry Contractors

The new the JV-1000 Jack Vac Dust Collection System combines an integrated saw stand with a dust collection hood, providing a powerful and effective dust collection system for 14" masonry saws. The size of the unit allows you to take the saw to the cuts (fits through a 3'0" door) without the use of water and without the dust. The JV-1000 is available in gas or electric, and with available attachments it can be used for a variety of cutting and grinding applications. The Jack Vac System is designed to minimize exposure to silica dust and perform under the tough conditions of our industry. For information, call (951) 653-5700, e-mail pguth@masonrytec.com, or visit www.jackvac.com.

Manitou North America

Information for Masonry Contractors

The new M Series forklift is available in 6,000-, 8,000- and 10,000-lb. capacities, with a 12,000-lb. model planned for introduction later this year. Built to order, users have the option of two- or four-wheel drive; torque converter or hydrostatic transmission; Perkins or CAT engines; open, semi-enclosed or fully enclosed cabs; and mast height choices. In addition, for the first time, the M Series provides the user the exclusive option of frame leveling on a masted truck. Each M Series has a cab that tilts forward to provide access for servicing and daily maintenance checks. For more information, visit www.manitounorthamerica.com.

CS Unitec

Information for Masonry Contractors

CS UNITEC's wet/dry industrial vacuum, Model CS 1225, is designed for efficient dust extraction on the job site or in the shop. An Automatic Pulse Filter Cleaning System vibrates both filters to remove dust, maximizes suction and doubles filter life. The CS 1225 senses clogged filters when airflow is restricted, cleans itself when the vacuum is turned on and again when it is turned off. This can be set to activate automatically or manually. The vacuum weighs under 25 pounds, is portable and includes a tool adapter to easily connect portable electric tools for dust removal while the tool is in operation.

Buechel Stone Corp.

Information for Masonry Contractors

EMC-3639 is a weep system designed for Buechel Stone's natural stone veneer installations. EMC-3639 separates full and thin veneer natural stone from structural back-up walls while creating a percolation system that allows moisture to travel down to weeps that are installed at the base of the wall. The water is then directed out and away from the wall allowing the wall to vent properly and reducing the chance of mold and mildew growth. For more information, please contact one of our sales representatives at (800) 236-4473 or visit our web site at www.buechelstone.com.

Hydro Mobile Inc.

Information for Masonry Contractors

This new adapter serves as a link between a bearing bridge and two P Series units, amplifying the installation significantly. Consequently, the P Series configuration can become as extensive and wide-ranging as 84' instead of formerly 56', while using two independent units. This type of set-up may allow you to use fewer units while increasing your workspace, thus optimizing your savings. Further this new accessory with a deck dimension of 30" x 60" and a total weight of 190 lbs. will lengthen your workspace by 30' with almost the same weight capacity. The new Bearing Bridge Adapter for the P Series is now available — check with the dealer nearest you or call (888) 484-9376.

Park Industries

Information for Masonry Contractors

Split stone anywhere with Park Industries' portable HYDRASPLIT X-18. Park Industries' rugged HYDRASPLIT Model X-18 is precision-engineered for dependable performance. Easy to use and comfortable to operate, the portable HYDRASPLIT Model X-18 splits quickly and accurately with no splitting shock. The HYDRASPLIT Model X-18 has an 8-1/4" high by 18" wide throat opening. The powerful 40,000-pound cutting force can easily split hard stone simply by adjusting the steel blade, positioning the stone, and pumping the hydraulic foot pedal. Contact Park Industries today at (800) 328-2309 or visit www.parkindustries.com to find out more about the HYDRASPLIT Model X-18.



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