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New Equipment Round-up 2005

Page 4

Jeep Tools (DuraPro)

New Products for Masonry Contractors

The Jeep 12V MegaTorque Impact Wrench allows consumers to loosen and tighten lug nuts in seconds. It has an easy-grip handle with rocker switch to loosen and tighten the lug, and the patented clutch assembly eliminates backlash. Perfect for cars, boats and other vehicles, this impact wrench features an impact resistant housing. It comes equipped with a 15-foot DC 12V vehicle power cord and a carry case with two double-ended sockets and an extra fuse. For more information, call David Rhoads at (860) 482-8512.

Kenco Corporation

New Products for Masonry Contractors

The Kenco Multi-Lift has an automatic actuator that allows for hands-free operation. Has adjustable grips to fit a range of sizes from 0"- 34", with larger custom lengths available. Can be configured to grip from outside or from inside surfaces. Can be used on a variety of objects and surfaces. Lifting capacities up to 9,000 pounds.


New Products for Masonry Contractors

DBI/SALA's ExoFitTM XP harness is the ultimate in comfort, performance and safety and includes five industry-first features: lightweight and state-of-the-art 3-D mesh padding that keeps you cool and comfortable; removable back and leg pads allow for cleaning and washing; spring-loaded "Stand-Up" back D-ring to ensure easy connections; impact indicator built-in to D-ring provides visual indication of impact; and color-coded, quick-connect buckles make donning as easy as 1-2-3. The ExoFit XP looks, feels and performs very differently compared to other harnesses; it's a piece of safety equipment the worker will want to embrace. For more information, call (800) 328-6146 or visit www.dbisala.com.

Strong Man Building Products

New Products for Masonry Contractors

Strong Man's string reinforced polyethylene sheeting eliminates costly delays in sand-blasting and brickwork, by shielding personnel and property inside scaffolds and work areas from inclement weather. The string reinforced poly sheeting utilizes high-tensile strength and flexibility, functioning as a protective weather barrier for personnel and masonry equipment inside an enclosure. It is also cost-effective, remaining functionally intact, even during extreme temperatures. Employing wider, thicker scrim, Strong Man's string reinforced poly allows personnel to work in a clear, high-visibility weather enclosure. The wider scrim lets greater amounts of light pass through the sheeting and remains intact when cut. For more information, visit www.StrongMan.com or call (800) 950-6999.

Bosch Power Tools and Accessories

New Products for Masonry Contractors

General contractors, remodelers, demolition professionals and more will appreciate the new 11320VS 3kg SDS-Plus Chipping Hammer, which is the hardest hitting SDS-plus chipping hammer boasting the fastest removal rate on the market. The chipping hammer's powerful 6.5 amp motor produces up to 3,500 BPM at 3.2 ft./lbs. per impact. At only 7.9-pounds, this lightweight tool offers the best power to weight ratio in its class. This product offers tool-free bit changes with auto bit locking, dust protection and maximum impact energy transfer. For more information, call toll-free (877) 267-2499) or visit www.boschtools.com.

McGill Electrical Product Group

New Products for Masonry Contractors

McGill is helping operators of power tools, hand lamps and other electrical equipment address safety concerns with the new attachable UL Listed Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter. Users will appreciate the new GFCIs for their unmatched portability, versatility and safety-enhancing performance. These simple-to-use, plug-in GFCIs protect operators and equipment by interrupting electrical power when loads have a potentially lethal ground current in excess of 4-6 milliamps. Manual reset of the trip indicator prevents unmonitored equipment start-ups following a fault or a power outage. For more information, call (888) 832-0660, e-mail literature@egseg.com, or visit www.mcgillelectrical.com.

Bilco Brick

New Products for Masonry Contractors

Bilco Brick is pleased to announce a new brick design that is lighter in weight. Through dimensional changes to our brick, the bed depth has been reduced from 3" to 2-3/4", and an additional frog (indention) has been added to the loadbearing side of the brick. The brick face dimensions remain at 2 5/8" high by 9 5/8" long and still has a lay-up factor of 4.8 brick per square foot. These modifications have resulted in reducing the weight of our brick from approximately 5.8 lbs. to approximately 5.1 lbs. per brick. For more information, contact Gary Freels at Bilco Brick by calling (800) 487-3380, e-mailing gfreels@bilcobrick.com, or visiting www.BilcoBrick.com.

Thomas Equipment

New Products for Masonry Contractors

The new T320 offers more power than ever, with over 7,000 lbs. of breakout force powered by a rugged Kubota turbo-charged diesel producing over 87.4 hp. The T320 features a unique track design that utilizes large diameter front and rear open sprockets, providing a self-cleaning design. With its shift-on-the-go two-speed drive system, the T320 has a low-speed, high-torque work range plus a quick — up to 12.3 mph — travel range. All Thomas loaders come with a three-year, 3,000-hour full machine warranty plus an additional two-year, 2,000-hour drive train warranty. For more information, call (866) BE-TOUGH or visit www.thomasloaders.com.



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