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Web site of the Mason Contractors Association of America
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May 2007

From the Editor

Internet Resources

If you're like me, you're always looking for ways to stay on top of your game and to keep your business on the cutting edge of technology, trends, niche markets and the like. In my own photography business, I utilize the Internet to an extreme degree in helping me accomplish this task. While books and periodicals are the mainstay of my intellectual growth, the Internet has helped me in filling in the details on an "as needed" basis.

To that end, I would like to share with you some of my favorite Internet resources. I hope they provide additional information to help your business grow as they have for mine.

Inc. Magazine

There are dozens of great business magazines available, but Inc. magazine is by far my favorite. Unlike some of its stodgy peers, this magazine — and its website — provides very useful business know-how and advice in a witty and charismatic way. Great business info and a great read, all in one!


Touted as the "The Web's Leading Resource for Family Business Executives & Owners," this site provides hundreds of articles on how to keep your family-owned business in top notch condition.

The Motley Fool

For those who follow the brothers' newspaper column, this website provides additional financial strategies. For those who aren't familiar with Tom and David, the brilliant and no-nonsense financial wizards behind the Fool, this is a great opportunity for a crash course.


Everything you need to know about office and personal technology, from VoIP, Wi-Fi and ASP, to UMPC, MP3 and USB. If these acronyms have your head spinning, then you need to add CNET.com to your web browser's favorites list.

Podcasting News

No time to infuse some extra reading in your day? Download some business audio podcasts to play on your computer, MP3 player or in your car to get the latest on-demand information about everything from business-to-business approaches and marketing, to legal advice and business ownership.


This website is for those whose every waking moment is centered around their BlackBerry. An informative and humorous website, it provides the latest news, downloads, and rehab for BlackBerry-addicted business owners.


For the masonry industry, the Mason Contractors Association of America (MCAA) provides one of the best Internet resources. This site is regularly updated with the latest industry information, such as government affairs, safety and the new National Mason Contractor Certification, as well as forums, blogs and much more.


This website is not currently fully functional, but hopefully — with enough financial support from the masonry industry — by the end of the year we can make this the next hot spot for architects, engineers, owners and those in the masonry industry. The Masonry Executives Council's hard work and dedication has made this future website a stellar performer for promoting the masonry industry. Visit it today and help make this site a reality!



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