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MCAA's 2006 Masonry Showcase

Here are just a few of the things that MCAA's committee members have accomplished for the Association and the industry since the Midyear Meeting last fall, as well as goals for the future. The full-length Committee Reports can be found on MCAA's website at www.masoncontractors.org.

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  • The 2006 Masonry Showcase featured more than 15,000 square feet of masonry product and service exhibits, with 15 new exhibitors this year.
  • The 11 educational sessions and two seminars were very well attended by MCAA and CSI members.
  • As CSI is shifting their convention to June next year, MCAA has ended its co-location partnership with the group.
  • The 2007 Masonry Showcase will be in Orlando, Fla., Feb. 22-24; NCMA will be in Orlando at the same time with the MCPX show.


  • Developing an educational series that will be offered in various locations around the country.
  • Overseeing the development of a national masonry certification program, that will not compete with, but supplement local group certification programs.
  • Partnering with the Masonry Institute of Michigan to develop a web-based training tool for bricklayers and laborers is emerging.


  • Played a key role this past year in impacting a potentially harmful OSHA silica standard.
  • Maintained our industry's overhand bricklaying exemption.
  • Influenced key legislative initiatives, including Association Health Plans, OSHA reform, hexavalent chromium standards, elimination of the inheritence tax, and most recently immigration reform.
  • Coordinated the first joint Masonry Industry Legislative Conference.


  • Continuing work with the Masonry Executives Council and Whole Wheat Creative to create a revamped MasonrySystems.org website.
  • Hits on the MCAA website, www.masoncontractors.org, continued to increase, from 10 million one year ago to 16.5 million.
  • Generated increased revenue/donations for the second annual Online Auction held in February.


  • Reached a member renewal rate of 91% of dues billed and exceeded the budget for renewals.
  • Received 52 new members this fiscal year.
  • Published and distributed the newest edition of the MCAA Membership Directory in October.
  • Launched the Premier Suppliers Program in the fall to provide extra incentive for suppliers to become members, advertise, sponsor, and exhibit.


  • Along with the Laborers-AGC Training Fund, established "Best Practices" training for OSHA compliance officers to help eliminate the myriad of interpretations of OSHA standards.
  • Working to update the 2001 "Standard Practice for Bracing Masonry Walls under Construction."
  • Working closely with the Laborers-AGC to update the MCAA Rough Terrain Forklift manual, develop a train-the-trainer program, provide a stronger forklift operator certification, and expand education.
  • Requested official interpretation from OSHA concerning Non-Stop Scaffolding, stacking materials and the use of personnel baskets on rough terrain forklifts.

Workforce Development

  • Met with representatives from the BIA, BSI and NCMA to discuss joint workforce development initiatives.
  • Received the largest sponsorship funding to date for this year's International Masonry Skills Challenge.
  • Thanks to the National Masonry Instructors Association, Mortar Net and NCMA, revisions and additions to the MCAA Masonry Training Series manuals will be completed in the summer of 2006.
  • With the help of the Arizona Masonry Contractors Association and the Masonry Industry Training Association, the Spanish translation of the MCAA Masonry Training Series Vol. 2 is completed.
  • Expanded the scope of the MCAA High School Recruitment Program and online database.
  • Quarterly newsletters are sent to counselors enrolled in the High School Recruitment Campaign.
  • Participated in the 2005 SkillsUSA championships in Kansas City.
  • Conducted two Masonry Foreman Development Courses during the fiscal year.



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