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New Equipment Round-up 2005

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Keystone Retaining Wall Systems Inc.
Minneapolis, Minn.

Information for Masonry Contractors

The Keystone 133Elite is perfect for large wall applications. Its 8"x24" face dimension creates a larger-scale look, aesthetically matching the larger wall look and feel, while reducing the number of units required to complete the job. Never before have wall designers had so much flexibility in creating the perfect appearance for their Keystone wall. In addition to conventional textures, Keystone's patented StoneArtTM embossing technology can produce Keystone 133Elite units with specially designed natural textures, in combination with the wide variety of colors available in most Keystone products. For more information, call (800) 747-8971, or www.keystonewalls.com.

Knaack Manufacturing Company
Crystal Lake, Ill.

Information for Masonry Contractors

WEATHER GUARD Low-Profile Aluminum Truck Boxes provide contractors with more visibility through the rear window, especially for newer pickup truck designs that feature higher bed rails. The low-profile truck boxes have been specifically designed for extra strength and durability to meet the needs of professional contractors. They also feature a single cover style designed to provide easier access to all tools and accessories. Available in four models and designed to fit most full and compact pickups, the low-profile truck boxes come in a choice of full-size and compact, and either clear or black Armor-Tuf powder coat finish to maintain a new appearance for years. For more information, visit www.weatherguard.com, or call (800) 456-7865.

Mi-T-M® Corporation
Peosta, Iowa

Information for Masonry Contractors

Made for the commercial industrial market, the CWC Series produces 4000-6000 PSI @ 3.7-5.0 GPM, and is powered by either a 16 h.p. Vanguard OHV or a 20 or 24 h.p.Honda OHV engine, featuring either an AR or General pump. The CWC Series was designed for rugged professional use with quality components and long-life industrial pumps. Standard features on the CWC Series include triplex ceramic plunger pump with forged brass manifold, thermal relief valve, electric start, preset stainless steel and brass unloader, water filter with clear sleeve for screen inspection, an exclusive two-year warranty, and much more. For moreinformation, call (800) 553-9053, or visit www.mitm.com.

VERSA-LOK Retaining Wall Systems
Oakdale, Minn.

Information for Masonry Contractors

VERSA-LOK has introduced Mosette, a new random-pattern freestanding wall system that gives contractors a fresh array of attractive design options. The Mosette system is designed to build freestanding walls up to 24 inches tall for use as borders along patios and walkways, or for perimeter seating around fire pits and courtyards. It also may be used as a lightweight retaining wall up to 18 inches tall. Mosette utilizes four versatile unit sizes — small, medium, large and vertical — to easily create a random appearance in both straight and curved arrangements. For more information, call (800) 770-4525, or visit www.versa-lok.com/mosette.

Wildwood Fired Ovens
Los Angeles, Calif.

Information for Masonry Contractors

Masonry is key when it comes to Wildwood Fired Ovens, and the new Milano, and larger capacity Tuscano, ovens are no exception. The "easy-to-build" ovens provide many options to make a custom installation. Produced from engineered refractory concrete, the parabolic dome shape, precision design and multiple venting ports make for a truly unique unit. Oven kits include an easy-to-assemble six-piece unit, built-in hearth firebricks, refractory grout material and fiber insulation blankets for improved performance. For more information or to receive an information kit complete with architectural renderings and CAD files, call (800) 579-2797, or visit www.wildwoodovens.com.



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