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New Equipment Round-up 2005

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Keene Building Products
Mayfield Heights, Ohio

New Products for Masonry Contractors

Driwall Rainscreen 075-1 is a 0.75-inch, randomly oriented geometric patterned drainage and ventilation mat. The three-dimensional mat is heat laminated to a non-woven fabric to provide an impenetrable surface in masonry walls. It is designed to eliminate moisture and moisture vapor in roofing and siding applications. The product is useful in wall design when a clean cavity is desired, free from any excess mortar. When utilized with a non-woven fabric on the outside of Driwall Rainscreen, no mortar can enter the cavity, and weep vents are assured of being open. For more information or samples of the product, call (877) 514-5336, or visit www.KeeneBuilding.com.

Kreuz Construction Products — Global Plastics
Surrey, British Columbia

Information for Masonry Contractors

Global Plastics is pleased to announce the launch of Kreuz panel anchors and panel reinforcing strips. Increases in the cost of steel and shipping prompted Global to develop a viable alternative to hot-dipped galvanized and stainless steel panel anchors and reinforcing. The Kreuz panel anchor is 1-3/4" wide x 16" long and is pre-molded into an L-shaped configuration, saving time during installation. It features a guide way that allows Kreuz reinforcing strips (or traditional wire reinforcing) to slide into it, joining the two components together, rather than just lapping the anchor over the reinforcing. For more information, call (888) 225-7380, or visit www.kreuzco.com.

Masonry Tec Products
Moreno Valley, Calif.

Information for Masonry Contractors

Masonry Tec Products new Q-Xtreme diamond blades drastically reduce masonry saw cutting noise. Even with hearing protection, ordinary diamond blades are very loud — 120+ dB when cutting and 104 dB when spinning free. Compare that to the Q-Xtreme Blade 104 dB when cutting and 95 dB spinning free. The Silent Core Technology dampens the piercing high pitch noise that is so fatiguing and potentially damaging to employee health. Q-Xtreme Blades are specifically designed for mason contractors. Fast cutting, long lasting and extremely quiet. For information, call (951) 653-5700, e-mail pguth@masonrytec.com, or visit www.masonrytec.com.

Mortar Net USA, Ltd.
Gary, Ind.

Information for Masonry Contractors

TotalFlash delivers every moisture-control technique in one right-sized, easy-to-use flashing panel. TotalFlash includes an integrated termination bar (installs much quicker), integrated "mortar-droppings defense" (a layer of polyester mesh that lets moisture migrate through, unblocked), integrated flexible flashing, integrated weep tabs (expels moisture swiftly), and integrated stainless steel drip edge (deflects expelled moisture away). All of this in one handy, five-foot panel that snaps into place — no more waiting for components, or messy cutting and mounting. Masons quit being roofers, architects get what they specified, and owners know they have the pinnacle of moisture-protection. For more information on this new innovative product, call (800) 664-6638, or visit www.MortarNet.com.

Multiquip Inc.
Carson, Calif.

New Products for Masonry Contractors

The new Moonlight glare-free lighting systems from Multiquip eliminate the need to constantly inflate the balloon. It inflates in seconds, and a simple plug maintains air pressure, protecting the light. The Moonlights, which rise to a maximum height of 10 feet (3 meters), are available in 150-, 400- and 1,000-watt outputs, and effectively illuminate areas up to 100 feet from the light source. These lighting systems feature bulbs that last up to 10,000 hours, and they're also stable in winds up to 55 mph (88 kph). For more information, contact Multiquip at (800) 421-1244, or visit www.multiquip.com.

Pittsburgh Corning Corporation
Pittsburgh, Pa.

Information for Masonry Contractors

Pittsburgh Corning has introduced its hurricane system specifically developed for new construction and renovation projects in hurricane-prone areas. THICKSET® 90 glass block used with the KWiK'N EZ® silicone installation system meets hurricane impact code requirements of Dade County, ASTM E-1886 and ASTM E-1996 for both residential and commercial buildings. The THICKSET 90 block has a greater face thickness than standard glass block and, when used with the silicone installation system, withstands the impact of strong hurricane winds and flying debris, while still providing the benefits of light transmission, privacy control and security. For more information, call (800) 624-2120, or visit www.pittsburghcorning.com.

The QUIKRETE® Companies
Atlanta, Ga.

New Products for Masonry Contractors

The QUIKRETE Companies has introduced QUIKRETE Veneer Stone Mortar, a contractor-grade blend of Portland cement, hydrated lime, masonry sand and other commercial-grade ingredients. QUIKRETE Veneer Stone Mortar is ideal for use in mortar joint applications, as a bonding coat to adhere stone to a wall, and as a 3/8- to 1/2-inch scratch coating applied over expanded metal lath. The formulation of QUIKRETE Veneer Stone Mortar complies with ASTM 270 and ASTM C 387 requirements. QUIKRETE Veneer Stone Mortar is available nationwide in 80-pound or 3,000-pound bulk bags; a polymer-modified and water-resistant formulation of the product is also available. For more information, visit www.quikrete.com, or call (800) 282-5828.

Trenwyth Industries
Emigsville, Pa.

Information for Masonry Contractors

Verastone Plus premium recycled-filled and polished concrete masonry units combine the look of a smooth terrazzo finish with the structural integrity and durability of concrete masonry. With Verastone Plus you'll create inspired, functional, enduring buildings while excelling in today's LEEDŽ-driven green building environment. Mold and moisture resistant, Verastone Plus offers a high degree of graffiti resistant cleansibility, low maintenance, one-step installation, extended lifecycle, as well as improved air and thermal environments. Available in a sound-absorbing option, Verastone Plus is ideal for recreation and sports centers, gymnasiums, auditoriums, churches and social halls. For more information, call (800) 233-1924, or visit www.trenwyth.com.



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