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New Equipment Round-up 2004: Page 2

Durand Forms, Inc.

Durand Forms, Inc.'s innovative BrickLedge Brackets allows contractors to form a brick ledge without using Styrofoam, lumber, treated cardboard, plastic or other costly and labor-intensive materials. The BrickLedge is particularly well suited for applications involving hilly terrain where a large brick exposure on the basement foundation is required. Users can specify hole pattern and panel type, including smooth, vertical or textured brick. For more information, visit www.durandforms.com or www.watermill.com.

Endless Mountain Stone Co.

This rock solid, mason-friendly four-inch depth bed veneer in natural bluestone ranges one to four inches in thickness and six to 42 inches in length. The veneer has been tumbled for an antique look. The color range is blue, green-brown earth tones. Varying thicknesses and lengths add to the unique look of natural stone, while long lengths increase installation square footage per hour, just like laying two to five bricks at one time. For more information, call Endless Mountain Stone Co. at (570) 465-7200 or visit our web site at www.endlessmountainstone.com.

EZ Grout

How many contractors have trouble bracing masonry walls? EZ Grout Corporation introduces the Hog LegTM, yet another innovation to make your job site more productive and profitable. Tested for strength and durability, the Hog Leg makes wall bracing a one- to two-man assembly. The heaviest extension weighs only 38 lbs. Each Hog Leg kit contains enough material to brace a wall 400' long at 14' high, or 100' long wall at 30' high. Bracing masonry walls just got easier with the Hog LegTM. For more information, call (800) 417-9272 or visit www.ezgrout.com.


The new Gehl 7000 Series skid loaders include Model 7610, which has an 86-hp Perkins Tier II diesel engine and a 3,400-lb. SAE rated operating load; and the massive Model 7810, which is powered by an industry-leading 115-hp Perkins Tier II turbo diesel engine and has an industry-high 3,675-lb. rated operating load. The extended 55-inch wheelbase, combined with the floating lift arm action of the optional HydraglideTM ride control system, makes for a smoother ride. The new Power-A-TachTM universal-style quick-attach system option makes changing attachments fast and easy. For more information, call (800) 628-0491 or visit www.gehl.com.

Haener Block

Haener Block's two-block mortarless building system is laid up to 10 times faster than mortared block and manufactured on the same machines for about the same cost. Breakage in transportation is nearly eliminated as blocks are interlocked on the pallet. After a mason lays and plumbs the first course, each worker can stack as many as 800 blocks per day, with perfectly self-aligning walls and corners. Haener Block is available as insulated and non-insulated, with a variety of finishes. For more information, call (619) 226-8185 or visit www.haenerblock.com.


For power when you need it, plus Hilti quality and service, look no further than the DS-KC Hand-held Gas Saw. The saw's long stroke motor with Smart PowerΠprovides more usable power when the saw blade bogs down, so there's less wear and tear on the operator, saw and blade when cutting concrete, brick and block, metal, decking or drywall track. Built to last, the saw offers numerous comfort and safety features so operators will experience less down time and more productivity. For more information, contact Hilti Customer Service at (800) 879-8000 or visit www.us.hilti.com.


Masonry by Design! is a web-based application designed to make brick, block and colored mortar selection simple for architects, builders and homeowners. The user can select from a variety of brick/block styles and mortar colors to create panels and walls in seconds. Images can be exported into the user's CAD modeling program for use in renderings or photo quality prints. The user can also view and interact with various masonry products on actual finished residential or commercial buildings. Try Masonry by Design! by visiting www.masonrybydesign.com.


The Hyster H135-155XL2 lift truck series has pneumatic tires and is available in 13,500 or 15,500 lbs. The series is equipped with environmentally friendly GM4.3LV-6 or Perkins Diesel engines. Its cast ductile iron steer axle provides optimal maneuverability while reducing maintenance requirements, and its single-reduction drive axle increases strength and durability. This series features a convenient access hole in the floor plate to check engine oil and hydraulic fluid levels, while the two-piece gull-wing hood allows easy access to other serviceable components. For more information, call (800) HYSTER-1 or visit www.hysterusa.com.

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