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New Equipment Round-up 2004

With so many different construction tradeshows — like the Masonry Showcase, MCPX, World of Masonry and others — happening across the U.S., new and amazing products for the industry are popping up as well. Here is just a taste of some of the new masonry products that are fresh from the tradeshow floors:


With a lifetime housing guarantee, the new line of Miller FalconTM Self-Retracting Lifelines (SRLs) exceeded a series of extreme durability performance tests that included being run over by a utility van, dropped from 20 feet, and hit with a hammer. When used in tough, rugged environments, the Falcon SRL sets a new standard as the lightest, strongest and most indestructible retractable lifeline on the market today. Available in 20-, 30-, 50- and 65-foot models in both galvanized wire and stainless steel wire rope, the Falcon SRL line features no annual factory re-certification. For more information, call Miller Customer Service at (800) 873-5242 or visit www.bacou-dalloz.com.


The Bobcat V723 telescopic tool carrier has a longer wheelbase than previous models, allowing an increased lifting capacity and giving the machine a rated load capacity of 7000 lbs. The V723 features a maximum lift height of 23 feet. VersaHandler telescopic tool carriers utilize a light, rigid frame for better stability and reduced flex, which allow them to lift as much as heavier machines in their class. The V723 model is available with a climate controlled cab (HVAC). Both models feature heavy-duty hydrostatic ground drive for shifting-on-the-fly between high- and low-drive speed ranges. Their automotive-style transmission also makes them simple to operate. For more information, call visit www.bobcat.com.

Buechel Stone Corp.

Buechel Stone Corp. is excited to announce their newest building stone products: Mill Creek, Frontier Gray and Woodlake Blend. All three are a beautiful blend of natural stone to enhance your home exterior or fireplace surround. Mill Creek is featured here and offers a fresh, new range of colors including cream, tan, caramel and dark brown. For more information about these and other products, please contact your Buechel Stone sales representative at (800) 236-4473.


Caterpillar recently announced the last and largest of the new B-Series Telehandler line-up of eight machines. The TH580B has a maximum lift height of 56 feet and a rated load capacity of 10,000 lbs. In contrast, the smallest in the line, the TH220B, has a lift height of 20 feet and load capacity of 5,500 lbs., but the small machine excels in bucket work as well as handling palletized materials. The B-Series machines feature intuitive single-joystick operation, reliable and powerful Caterpillar power trains and an extended range of work tools for expanded versatility. For more information, visit the Caterpillar web site at www.cat.com.

Cultured Stone®

Owens Corning's new Cultured Stone® Rockface texture provides masons with even more flexibility to respond to demands for two of today's hottest looks — contemporary and old world. When installed with complementary mortar, Rockface's shapes impart a clean look perfect for modern homes. The same texture installed with contrasting mortar produces a more traditional appearance. Appropriate to custom and production homes, Rockface is also perfect for landmark signage and landscaping applications. The new product comes in five colors: Romano, Dover, Bucks County, Stirling and Granite. For more information, call (800) 255-1727 or visit www.culturedstone.com.


DeWALT's new pistol-grip D25103K one-inch SDS rotary hammer is engineered to last longer and hit harder for better productivity when drilling and chipping in concrete, masonry, asphalt and tile. The D25103K is 40% more durable than similar hammers currently available. Three rubber-spring dust seals protect the large hammer mechanism, while dust-sealed ball bearings and large pop-off brushes help extend motor life. Weighing less than six pounds, the hammer delivers 2.3 ft/lbs. of impact energy, the most in its class. For more information, call (800) 4-DEWALT or visit www.DeWalt.com.

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