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April 2008

New Products

Chicago Pneumatic
Westfield, Mass.

Information about the Masonry Industry

Chicago Pneumatic Construction Tools' CP 0044 saw provides a pneumatic-powered solution for cutting heavy-duty materials such as concrete, asphalt and stone. The 28-pound CP 0044 features a direct-drive, four-horsepower motor and operates at 4,800 rpm. The direct-drive design delivers consistent speed and torque, while reducing maintenance requirements commonly associated with belt-driven saws. With operator convenience and productivity in mind, the CP 0044 features a two-position handle and a blade guard that can be operated with one hand. For more information, visit www.cpconstructiontoolsusa.com.

Tulsa, Okla.

Information about the Masonry Industry

Hilti's PROFIS Anchor brings 3-D anchor design and a database packed with Hilti anchoring expertise to your desktop. PROFIS is easy to download and install, so you can start working with the user friendly interface in just minutes. The program, which supports allowable stress design (ASD) and load resistance factor design (LRFD) in accordance with ACI-318-02 Appendix D/AC193 and ICC, allows you to choose the level of detail or complexity you need for each project, from quick calculation in a few steps to full definition of all variables. PROFIS will help keep you on the forefront of the design codes featuring the only tested and ICC-approved anchors (HSL-3, HDA) in North America for use in cracked concrete. For more information, call 800-879-8000 or visit www.us.hilti.com.

Slinger, Wis.

Information about the Masonry Industry

Hydro Mobile's E — Series offers an invaluable access solution for a wide variety of trades, including glazing, EIFS, painting, roofing, caulking, restoration, inspection, cleaning and maintenance. Increasing jobsite productivity, the mast climber uses forward and back extensions and 180-degree swivel bridges. The E-Series can achieve an infinite number of configurations to adapt to the contours of any facade. With its compact drive unit, the new mast climber can even fit in the most restricted locations. Once installed, the E-Series climbs continuously at a vertical speed of 21 feet per minute to heights of 250 feet and more, with a simple push on a button. For more information, visit www.hydro-mobile.com.

Carson, Calif.

Information about the Masonry Industry

The PS7060 series walk-behind pavement saw from Multiquip features unique, stay-level handles that remain level, regardless of the saw's operating position. These handles, coupled with the saw's moving center of the gravity for optimal balance in all cutting applications, minimize operator's fatigue while boosting productivity. The unit is equipped with an Automatic Parking Brake System, which requires no operator actuation. This walk-behind saw also increases the operator's safety when parked on slope surfaces. The PS series is designed with a Blade Shaft and Support Bearing Assembly, fully enclosed in a dual-sealed, oil-bathed design requiring no greasing, while promoting accurate sawing and precise cutting. For more information, visit www.multiquip.com.

Pave Tech Inc.
Prior Lake, Minn.

Information about the Masonry Industry

Ambiance by PAVER BRIGHTS is the newest line of maintenance-free paver lights available from PAVE TECH. The frosted, tempered glass lens diffuses the LEDs to create a soft, uniform glow. The lens is sealed permanently to its stainless-steel housing with a lifetime, waterproof adhesive. The LEDs and circuit board are completely imbedded and sealed in epoxy. LED lights provide 100,000 hours of operating life and constant light stability. Ambiance lights are available in paver industry sizes to simplify the drop in and are easy to install, even with existing paver projects. For more information, visit www.paverbrights.com.

Lawrence, Kan.

Information about the Masonry Industry

PROSOCO's Sure Klean Thin Brick Cleaner is specifically made for removing excess mortar and grout from new installations of thin brick masonry. Since thin brick mortars and grouts are often modified with latex for extra water repellency, they can be hard for conventional brick cleaners to remove. Thin Brick Cleaner is specially made to dissolve the most stubborn latex mortars and grouts. The product also removes other common jobsite soiling, including oil, grease, efflorescence and dirt. Low-odor Thin Brick Cleaner uses no hydrochloric acid and is safe for cleaning around other architectural surfaces, including most metal. For more information, contact Gary Henry at 785-830-7343 or gary.henry@prosoco.com.

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