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April 2007

MCAA - Convention Review

Side Story:
Committee Reports

Masonry Magazine

Here are just a few of the things that MCAA's committee members accomplished during the last year, as well as future initiatives discussed during the 2007 MCAA annual convention. The full-length committee reports can be found in the Member's Only section of the MCAA website at www.masoncontractors.org.

Developed MCAA's new National Mason Contractor Certification program.
Expanded the Association's educational offerings.
Partnered with the Masonry Institute of Michigan to offer members access to MV-Tech, an online training program.
Working with the Laborers-AGC to revise MCAA's Rough Terrain Forklift manual — expected completion date this spring.
Developing the National Certification Exam for the certification program.
Will begin offering a masonry code seminar and other masonry courses throughout the year across the United States.
Continued to increase MCAA's reputation and presence in Washington, D.C.
Played an integral part in negotiations on immigration reform, estate tax reform and Small Business Health Plans.
Helped stop an accelerated implementation of a 3 percent withholding tax on government contracts.
Attended legislation signing ceremonies on the White House South Lawn for the Tax Increase Prevention and Reconciliation Act of 2005 and pension reform legislation.
MCAA will continue to influence key legislation in 2007, including comprehensive immigration reform, permanent repeal of the estate tax, Withholding Tax Relief Act of 2006, Workplace Safety and Health Transparency Act of 2006, and Small Business Health Plans.
Concerning regulatory issues, MCAA continued to work with OSHA on the silica standard and the Department of Homeland Security on the DHS No Match Letters.
MCAA extended its alliance with OSHA for another two years.
The Mason Contractors Association Political Action Committee continues to support political candidates and members of Congress who have the best interests of the masonry industry at heart.
Redesigned and expanded the MCAA website presence.
Per the decision of the strategic session at the 2006 MCAA Midyear Meeting, MCAA is beginning an aggressive campaign to educate both academic and practicing designers on masonry systems.
Maintained a member renewal rate of 91 percent.
Received 56 new contractor members during the fiscal year.
Initiated the use of telemarketing to increase member renewal and member recruits, which has paid for itself.
Continued support for the successful Premier Suppliers Program, now in its second year.
The Safety Committee is in its inaugural year with MCAA.
The main goal of the committee is to develop safety educational programs to benefit the Association and its members, including toolbox safety talks, revised manuals, developing a safety educational program, continuing OSHA Masonry Best Practices seminars, and actively working with OSHA to develop safety practices and standards.
Participation with the Reinforced Masonry Design Code Group to assist in creating better and more logical MSJC masonry codes.
Actively seeking mason contractor members and participation in the MSJC and ASTM.
Workforce Development
Continuing work toward increasing mason recruits through contractor education, encouraging recruiting of ex-military personnel, and strategic marketing.
Introduced the second year volume of the Masonry Training Series in Spanish.
Seeking funds to provide "Check Out a Career in Masonry" materials to 500 schools that are still on the waiting list.
Continuation of the "Masonry Careers" newsletter, which is sent quarterly to 1,200 high school guidance counselors, and participation in school career days.
Exploration of initiating a mentor program.
Improvements to the ever-popular Masonry Skills Challenge and Fastest Trowel on the Block.



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