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April 2007

President's Message

Masonry Magazine

Isn't It Time You Joined With Us?

Well isn't it?

I know that many of you believe that, simply because you receive this magazine or you're a member of a local group, that you are a member of the national Mason Contractors Association of America (MCAA). The fact is: Only 1,000 of you are members, while the other 19,000 mason contractors receiving this magazine are not members. You may think that you are already a member because you pay dues to a local group, but that doesn't make you a national member. Isn't it time that you join with the other 1,000 mason contractors who have banded together to build a better industry?

You're a contractor and I don't have to tell you how difficult it is out there trying to make a living, let alone make a profit. Wouldn't it be so much better if all 20,000 of us joined together under one banner to build a better, more profitable future? It can happen if you joined right now ... today!

Also, by only being a member of other national contractor groups, like the Associated General Contractors, the America Building Contractors or the American Subcontractors Association, does little to help your future as a mason contractor. The MCAA is the only national association that's working to help the mason contractor nationally.

Being a member of a local mason contractor group is good, but our problems as an industry are national in scope and that demands the need for a strong national association. If we don't come together as a true national team behind the banner of a strong national association, we all will suffer the fate of a weakened industry with dwindling market share — something that will eventually find its way into the most successful of our chapters.

The MCAA has demonstrated a strong track record of accomplishment for fighting to protect you as a mason contractor. Whether it is in the code arena, government regulations, legislative action, workforce development, education, safety and, most recently, industry promotion, the MCAA has fought for you. Isn't it time that you step up to help us? Your dues contribution provides us the ability to do so much more.

You know, I often have wondered why so many of our fellow mason contractors have joined groups such as the Associated General Contractors and then scratch our heads as to why we seem to always fight them. I also wonder just how successful we could be in solving so many of our industry's problems if that same number of mason contractors joined the MCAA. The possibilities would be endless.

A membership in the MCAA is a great investment for your company's future, and it's the one investment where you can have the peace of mind knowing that we will dedicate ourselves to building the future of the mason contractor — and only the mason contractor.

With 20,000 mason contractors standing behind one national association, there is no limit to what we can achieve together.

I urge you all to join us today. Call (800) 536-2225, visit www.masoncontractors.org, or fax in the membership application available in this month's magazine.



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