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April 2007

MCAA 2007 International Excellence in Masonry Awards

Education, K-8

Masonry Magazine

Mason Contractor: New Dimension Masonry Inc.
Architect: HMC Architects
Judges' Comments:The jury found the playful use of a variety of masonry systems within this campus to be very fitting for an elementary school. The various colors and textures seem to produce an environment conducive to creativity and learning. The project attempts to intelligently deploy the inherent thermal properties of masonry on a relatively large scale to maximize the building's thermal mass within this hot climate and to contribute to the overall goals of the LEED program.

Education, 9-12

Masonry Magazine

Mason Contractor: New Dimension Masonry Inc.
Architect: Eric Davy Architects PC
Judges' Comments:...The architects are complimented on their coordination of contrasting bands of smooth and split-face masonry units. These bands were carefully integrated with door and window headers, window mullions and shading devices to form strong horizontal lines that break up the large expanses of blank walls, which are unavoidable in a theatre. ... The masonry contractor obviously took considerable time to detail and complete the installation. The construction joints are appropriately placed and the block walls appear to have been constructed with very few cut units.

Education, College & University

Masonry Magazine

Mason Contractor: Forrest & Associate Inc.
Architect: Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects
Judges' Comments:... The execution of the masonry detailing supports the architectural intent in a consistent way throughout. There is a long, taut red brick facade with a stepping ribbon window; a crisp, cubic block clad in limestone with punched openings; a hovering corner block (of slate) that floats over a glazed void; and a drum/cylinder of red porphyry that appears monolithic — it is in fact hollowed out — that anchors the building to its site. The jury admired the ability of the architects and builders to realize a level of detailing and construction that could accommodate the complexities of the design. ...


Masonry Magazine

Mason Contractor: Ward's Masonry
Architect: Becker Architects Ltd.
Judges' Comments:The jury felt that the Holy Innocents Parish building was equally beautiful in form and execution. The strong slipping planes defined by the masonry walls not only frame the front and rear elevations of the building, but also provide stiffening pilasters for the tall masonry walls. The interior of the building shows a careful consideration of complementary materials; in this case, split-faced block with glued-laminated timber beams. ... The detailed images confirm that the contractors were careful in their detailing and execution of the project.


Masonry Magazine

Mason Contractor: Mason Structure Inc.
Architect: Sherman Carter Barnhart PSC
Judges' Comments:The jury was immediately struck by the overall impact of this building, and was even more impressed with the masonry detailing and execution. ... The thickness of the arches implies a loadbearing order inherent in the strength of masonry, but rarely used in today's single-wythe veneers. ... The corbelling at the roof completes the initial strong plinth at the base of the building, resolving the large planar walls without the need for superficial ornaments or out-of-plane moves common in buildings today.


Masonry Magazine

Mason Contractor: Phoenix Bay State Construction Co. Inc.
Architect: McGinley Kalsow & Associates LLP
Judges' Comments:Tufts University West Hall project demonstrated a concern for detail and historical accuracy. The care in which the contractors cleaned, repointed, selectively replaced the brick, and cleaned the sandstone ensured that the building would be preserved for another century. West Hall today is beautiful, functional and continues to be a landmark reflective of the late-19th century academic gothic style.

Pavers/Retaining Walls/Landscaping

Masonry Magazine

Mason Contractor: R. Sanchez & Sons Inc.
Judges' Comments:The jury found the use of masonry to be very thoughtful for the scale of the residence. By using a variety of masonry units and stone for the paving, edging and walled elements, the design and use of masonry exhibited a holistic theme that created softening of the hardscape. This softening, contrary the inherent property of masonry material, became more evident in areas where masonry was used to create walkways for circulation or seat walls for social gathering.


Masonry Magazine

Mason Contractor: Walsh Construction
Architect: Weinstein A|U Architects + Urban Designers LLC
Judges' Comments:The jury found the elegant use of inexpensive, eight-inch CMUs as a primary exterior facing to be very much in line with the spirit of an affordable housing project for senior citizens. ... The bookend placement of the two masonry masses frames the primary glass façade and quietly bound the site, while providing rated party walls for future adjacent developments. Additionally, the overall color scheme subtly plays between the grays and greens of both opaque masonry and transparent glass. ...



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