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New Products

Buechel Stone Corp.
Chilton, Wisc.

New Products for Masonry Contractors

Buechel Stone's new Value Product Line includes Chilton Country Squire, Chilton Webwall, Chilton Sedona Rustic, Chilton Heritage Blend, Fond du Lac Country Squire, Fond du Lac Heritage Blend, Fond du Lac Webwall, Pine Log, Whispering Pines Pioneer Blend, Whispering Pines Fieldstone and Whispering Pines Ledgestone from their natural stone product line. The product line offers a fresh, new range of colors that are available in building, fireplace and accent stone. Fond du Lac Country Squire is featured in the photo. For more information on these products, please call (800) 236-4473, or visit www.buechelstone.com.

Hydro Mobile Inc.
L'Assomption, Québec

New Products for Masonry Contractors

Hydro Mobile has launched a completely redesigned F Series. Offered in three distinctive models, the F Series allows you to choose the best platform performance to perfectly suit the specific need of different contractors and jobs, at a competitive price. Still combining the power of a hydraulic system while allowing the speed of rack and pinion, the new F Series is a fully modular system that can operate in single, twin or multiple mast configurations. The new F Series introduces many innovative features including the patented Vertical Independent Traveling System, the patent-pending revolutionary emergency break system, and the new gravity activated emergency manual descent mechanism. For more information, visit www.hydro-mobile.com.

Intuit Inc.
Mountain View, Calif.

New Products for Masonry Contractors

Intuit announced a new entry-level software solution for contractors who want to quickly and easily create professional-looking estimates. QuickBooks Easy Estimate simplifies the process of creating polished and accurate estimates so contractors can impress prospective customers, and manage and organize all their proposals in one place. A stand-alone product, Easy Estimate eliminates the need for users to double-enter data in multiple programs, such as Microsoft® Word and Excel, letting small contractors spend more time on the job and less time on paperwork. For more information, call (877) 683-3289, or visit www.quickbooks.com.

JLG Industries Inc.
Hagerstown, Md.

New Products for Masonry Contractors

JLG Industries Inc. has introduced two new compact telehandlers for applications where compact size and maneuverability are highly valued. They feature less gross vehicle weight for ease of transport and a compact footprint for crowded job sites. The G6-23A has a rated capacity of 6,600 lbs. and 22-ft. 7-in. maximum lift height, while the G5-19A has 5,000-lbs. rated capacity and 19-ft. maximum lift height. A mechanical quick switch enables fast changes of the many attachments, which include standard and sideshift carriages, four types of buckets, a truss boom, a fork-mounted lift hook, cubing forks and three sizes of pallet forks. For more information, visit www.jlg.com.

Keene Building Products
Mayfield Heights, Ohio

New Products for Masonry Contractors

Driwall Rainscreen 075-1 is a 0.75-inch, randomly oriented geometric patterned drainage and ventilation mat. The three-dimensional mat is heat laminated to a non-woven fabric to provide an impenetrable surface in masonry walls. It is designed to eliminate moisture and moisture vapor in roofing and siding applications. The product is useful in wall design when a clean cavity is desired, free from any excess mortar. When utilized with a non-woven fabric on the outside of Driwall Rainscreen, no mortar can enter the cavity and weep vents are assured of being open. For more information or samples of the product, call (877) 514-5336, or visit www.KeeneBuilding.com.

Multiquip Inc.
Carson, Calif.

New Products for Masonry Contractors

The new Moonlight glare-free lighting systems from Multiquip eliminate the need to constantly inflate the balloon. It inflates in seconds and a simple plug maintains air pressure, protecting the light. The Moonlights, which rise to a maximum height of 10 feet (3 meters), are available in 150-, 400- and 1,000-watt outputs and effectively illuminate areas up to 100 feet from the light source. These lighting systems feature bulbs that last up to 10,000 hours, and they're also stable in winds up to 55 mph (88 kph). For more information, contact Multiquip at (800) 421-1244, or visit www.multiquip.com.

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