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Side Story:

  The Northwest Stone Sculptors Association (NWSSA), located in Seattle, Wash., will be holding a Hand Carving Retreat over Memorial Day weekend, May 27-31, at the Casey Conference Center on Whidbey Island, Wash.

This workshop is designed for carvers who want to build their foundation and learn new techniques, the stone mason who wishes to widen their vocabulary with artistic expression in stone, the weary who need "stone restoration" and anyone who simply wants to know more about stone craftsmanship.

The focus will be in three areas, guided by an uncompromising staff that are dedicated to the values that come from working from a sound foundation.

Effective Traditional hand Carving
Methods from rough out to finish all with hand tools.

The Uncarved Stone
Arenas in stone work that are often not covered in stone carving workshops will be addressed in this portion of the workshop. Topics such as stone walling, setting, splitting, stacking, pitching and pointing techniques will be covered in these talks and hands-on workshops.

Field Trip to the Earth Sanctuary
A privately owned nature reserve and meditation park land, where we see a vision in progress, incorporating stone into landscapes to create sacred spaces. A hands-on workshop and demonstration will happen here with guest instructor Bobby Watt.



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