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March 2008

New Products

BMI Products
Antioch, Ill.

Information about the Masonry Industry

The BMI Mortar Silo System is an environmentally friendly system that requires no additional packaging like pallets or bags, because the BMI Mortar Silo is the packaging, keeping your jobsite free of clutter. The eight- X eight-foot product is 27 feet high and can hold up to 40 tons of product. The Silo is brought to the jobsite pre-filled, so there is no need for additional labor to set up. The system has an automatic mixer attached to the silo and a timer that turns off when the mortar tub is full. The product is mixed automatically with the proper amount of water. Options include an automatic grout pump or air conveying system, and remote control. For more information, call 847-395-7110.

Chicago Pneumatic
Westfield, Mass.

Information about the Masonry Industry

Chicago Pneumatic Construction Tools' CP 0044 saw provides a pneumatic-powered solution for cutting heavy-duty materials such as concrete, asphalt and stone. The 28-pound CP 0044 features a direct-drive, four-horsepower motor and operates at 4,800 rpm. The direct-drive design delivers consistent speed and torque, while reducing the maintenance requirements commonly associated with belt-driven saws.

Available with 12- and 14-inch diameter cutting blades, the CP 0044 provides a cutting depth of four inches. For added safety, the saw includes a standard lock-off trigger that helps prevent accidental starting. For more information, visit www.cpconstructiontoolsusa.com.

Bethany, Conn.

Information about the Masonry Industry

LATICRETE 125 Anti-Fracture Mortar is a lightweight, crack-prevention mortar that passes the ANSI A118.12 specification for crack isolation in thin-set ceramic tile and dimensional stone installations. The mortar takes the place of liquid or sheet anti-fracture membranes and thin-set combinations for crack isolation, bridging existing cracks up to 1/8-inch, and preventing the transmission of new cracks to the tiled surface. LATICRETE 125 Anti-Fracture Mortar is a two-component mortar reinforced with Kevlar to provide strength and flexibility, and its lightweight formula allows installers to quickly and easily install tile or stone yielding the same coverage as a 50-pound bag of traditional thin-set. For more information, call 800-243-4788, ext. 235, or visit www.laticrete.com.

STOW Construction Equipment
Carson, Calif.

Information about the Masonry Industry

Contractors can mix a wide selection of materials with STOW Construction Equipment's Collomix. A line of 10 versatile mixing systems makes quick work of everything from grout, concrete and mortar to paint, epoxy and dyes in less than 90 seconds. The mixes are completed with even color distribution and no material clumps and are designed for use by those involved in dry wall, remodeling, decorative concrete, flooring, painting, tile, stucco, restoration and bricklaying. There are six hand-held mixers in the Collomix line. These units are rugged and ergonomically designed to incorporate the natural position of the hands and arms, enabling the operator to maintain an upright body posture throughout. Learn more by calling 877-289-7869, or visiting www.stowmfg.com.

TOKER Engineering
Laredo, Texas

Information about the Masonry Industry

TOKER has introduced the new Mortar Mixer Mod. MM 120, which provides users 12 cubic feet of mix capacity. With an economical drive three v-belt system, the heavy-duty mixer is reasonably priced. TOKER is offering an optional Spiral Blade system in this model as well. For more information about the latest and biggest regular drive mixer model of TOKER'S family, call 866-357-1664. For a free catalog, email toker-engineering@toker-engineering.com, or visit www.toker-engineering.com.

Vicious Tools
Charlotte, N.C.

Information about the Masonry Industry

The Murtagh by Vicious tools is designed to ease the strenuous work of mixing cement, grout and mortar. Its patented design cuts down on mixing time, working 15 percent to 20 percent faster than other hand tools. The pentagonal shape and rounded edges ensure less leftover excess and more thorough mixing. Rolling the Murtagh to either side creates a 90-degree angle, allowing you to access mortar in the corners. The head's flow ports are also positioned to maximize turbulence in any size mix. For more information, visit www.vicioustools.com.

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