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New Products

Hydro Mobile Inc.
L'Assomption, Québec

New Products for Masonry Contractors

Hydro Mobile, a leading North American manufacturer of mast climbing work platforms, is announcing the launch of their new and improved P Series, the perfect tool for smaller scale jobs or restrained areas. Redesigned to move faster, the P Series offers an increased climbing speed of 10 feet per minute, twice the original climbing speed. This improvement will help mason contractors minimize downtime and allow the unit to be used on a broader range of jobs and applications. Furthermore, this unit can be hauled behind a truck with Hydro Mobile's new trailer accessory, making for extremely easy and quick relocation, and helping you get more done. For more information, visit www.hydro-mobile.com.

Kafko International, Ltd.
Skokie, Ill.

New Products for Masonry Contractors

The new Oil Eater cleaner/degreaser is designed to handle multiple cleaning situations with a formulation that eliminates the need for solvent or acid cleaners. Oil Eater quickly and safely gets rid of grease and oil from asphalt, concrete, walls, tools and everything in between. It is also ideal for pressure washing and parts cleaning, and it won't harm skin. The unique non-flammable cleaner is water-based, fresh-scented and biodegradable, and contains no acid, abrasive or petroleum solvents. It penetrates rapidly, rinses off easily, and leaves zero residues. Oil Eater is available in a 32-ounce spray bottle, as well as one- and five-gallon containers. For further information, visit www.oileater.com, or call (800) 528-0334.

The QUIKRETE® Companies
Atlanta, Ga.

New Products for Masonry Contractors

The QUIKRETE Companies have introduced QUIKRETE Veneer Stone Mortar, a contractor-grade blend of Portland cement, hydrated lime, masonry sand and other commercial-grade ingredients. QUIKRETE Veneer Stone Mortar is ideal for use in mortar joint applications, as a bonding coat to adhere stone to a wall, and as a 3/8- to 1/2-inch scratch coating applied over expanded metal lath. The formulation of QUIKRETE Veneer Stone Mortar complies with ASTM 270 and ASTM C 387 requirements. QUIKRETE Veneer Stone Mortar is available nationwide in 80-pound bags or 3,000-pound bulk bags; a polymer-modified and water-resistant formulation of the product is also available. For more information, visit www.quikrete.com or call (800) 282-5828.

Trico Masonry Products LLC
Ogden, Utah

New Products for Masonry Contractors

EZClip provides the ability to have a flush embed plate installation and is designed to allow for maximum grout consolidation, wall strength and contact between the bolt and plate surface to the grout in the wall cavity. The clips are self-adjusting and aligning to fit the thickness and size of most block walls and plates. Because embed plates are installed as work progresses, no follow-up work is required and blowouts are eliminated. The front of the clip can be easily removed after grouting. The clips install in seconds reducing labor cost and are extremely strong. EZClips are compact, lightweight and conveniently kept in supply bags and at workstations. For more information, call (888) 922-8377, or visit www.tricomasonryproducts.com.

TruStone America
Providence, R.I

New Products for Masonry Contractors

TruStone autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC) is an ultra-light masonry product with a number of exceptional physical characteristics. TruStone shortens construction cycles, saving time and money. It has one of the highest hourly fire resistance ratings per inch of any building material. It has better thermal efficiency than a stud wall with six inches of R-19 insulation. TruStone's exceptional sound insulation properties exceed all other building materials of the same weight per surface area. It is 100 percent resistant to termites and insect pests, and will not sustain mold growth. Completely environmentally friendly and "green." For more information, call (877) 351-4448, or visit www.trustoneamerica.com.

Wildwood Fired Ovens
Los Angeles, Calif.

New Products for Masonry Contractors

Masonry is key when it comes to Wildwood Fired Ovens, and the new Milano, and larger capacity Tuscano, ovens are no exception. The "easy-to-build" ovens provide many options to make a custom installation. Produced from engineered refractory concrete, the parabolic dome shape, precision design and multiple venting ports make for a truly unique unit. Oven kits include an easy-to-assemble six-piece unit, built-in hearth firebricks, refractory grout material and fiber insulation blankets for improved performance. For more information or to receive an information kit complete with architectural renderings and CAD files, call (800) 579-2797, or visit www.wildwoodovens.com.

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