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President's Message

Eight years ago when I was elected to one of the four senior officer positions with the Mason Contractors Association of America (MCAA), I took a moment to think about the commitment that I had made. I thought that the next eight years would seem like an eternity. Looking back, especially over the past two years as the president of this Association, I marvel at how wrong my assumptions were. The last eight years have passed quickly, in what seems like the blink of an eye.

Serving as a senior officer has been extremely rewarding. I have tried my best to represent the masonry industry and the MCAA in a professional and dignified manner. We have all worked diligently for the advancement of our industry and our Association. I can look back with pride at all that we have accomplished.

Our Association has worked very hard in attempting to build an industry that is more unified and works more cooperatively. I believe that we have taken the first steps toward achieving this unification. And I believe that the next two years will be extremely exciting as we witness the industry working more in sync with each other, and less at odds with one another.

During the past two years, we have won many battles for the mason contractor. We have seen success in government regulations and building codes. We have gained influence in exposing our customers to the benefits of using masonry. We have brought the industry a little closer through stronger ties with our state and local chapters and members. We have improved communication with all of the industry's mason contractors through an ever-improving Masonry magazine and our Association website, www.masoncontractors.org. Thousands of high school students in hundreds of high schools across the United States have been exposed to the benefits of a career in masonry. We have put a face to the masonry industry with our elected officials in our nation's capital. And we have made membership in the MCAA more valuable to our members.

While the past two years have been very rewarding to me, I wouldn't be completely honest if I didn't express a few regrets. I regret that more of you reading this article haven't joined the MCAA. Maybe many of you believe that you are already a member because you are reading this magazine, or because you are a member of a local mason contractor association. As my term expires later this month at our annual convention in Las Vegas, I only wish that I had a little more time to convince each of you to join us today. The success of everything that we do as a national association depends on the size and strength of our Association and the amount of resources we have available. Simply put, we need more members.

The MCAA is combating competitors whose industry associations have large budgets aimed at taking away masonry markets. Their members wholeheartedly support their association's national initiatives through membership and dues. Is it any wonder that we have lost market shares to these competitors? There are more than 17,000 mason contractors in our country and only 1,000 are members of the MCAA. Think of what our association could do if everyone joined the MCAA. I hope that you will all join the Association and lend your financial support to the incoming officers. Give them the financial tools to finish the jobs that have been started. And maybe we can all look back two years from now and marvel at the successes we have had in building stronger masonry markets.

As my term ends, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks for the support, hard work and dedication to my fellow senior officers, the regional vice presidents, the committee chairs, the executive staff and of course you, the MCAA members. Many thanks for this wonderful opportunity.



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