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From the Editor

Every month, we fill the pages of Masonry magazine with insightful features, thought-provoking columns, brand new products and news from across the nation. Much of the editorial is generated in-house, but associations, manufacturers and our magazine's readers provide many items as well. We want to thank everyone for the information and images that are sent in to Masonry, and want to encourage others to participate also.

Cover Images
Have you just completed a great project that you're proud of and want to show off? Masonry is always looking for great buildings, events and other masonry images for the cover of our magazine. Cover images can be submitted as original, hard copy 8x10s or 8x12s or scanned onto a CD and mailed to the address below. If a photographer outside of your organization took the picture, be sure you have permission to publish the image on the cover of our magazine.

Masonry is looking for nominations for its "Contractor-to-Contractor" article. Do you know of a mason contractor who is doing good things for the local or state industry and needs to be recognized? Has a masonry business in your area created quality work that stands out from the crowd? Do you work for a mason contractor who has shown above-average leadership and business skills? Be sure to let us know! Call 770-431-0867 ext. 225 or e-mail jen@lionhrtpub.com.

"Making the Grade"
Likewise, do you know of an apprentice who has raised the bar? Help promote the shining stars of the masonry industry's future workforce by nominating them for Masonry Apprentice of the Month. Send nominations to J. David Holt, c/o Holt Marketing Group, Inc., 6120 Union Chapel Road, Suite 200, Kansas City, Mo. 64152; or fax to (816) 891-6666.

We want to showcase award-winning masonry from across the country. If you have a local, state or national competition that celebrates top-notch masonry craftsmanship or design, be sure to send information and pictures so we can show it off to the world. High-resolution images of the winning projects and information on the competition and awards given can be burned onto a CD and mailed to the address below, or e-mailed to jen@lionhrtpub.com.

It's so exciting to read everything that's going on across North America concerning masonry during any given month. From the smallest local event to the biggest national convention, it all goes to show that there is collective strength in the masonry market. Keep your local, state, regional and national news, press releases and images coming!

Send any of the above information to:
Jennie Farnsworth, Editor
Lionheart Publishing, Inc.
506 Roswell Street, Suite 220
Marietta, Ga. 30060

E-mail: jen@lionhrtpub.com
Phone: (770) 431-0867 ext. 225
Fax: (770) 432-6969



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