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New Products

Essroc Italcementi Group
Nazareth, Pa.

It has never been easier to achieve the look you want and deserve when building with masonry. The ColorBuilder tool, which can be found at the new, award-winning web site, www.ColorPlan.com, allows the user to create masonry projects with curb appeal by selecting from a pallet of various building materials to find the precise exterior appearance they are trying to achieve. Check it out on the web at www.ColorPlan.com.

Baltimore, Md.

DeWALT's sturdy new Tough Case set keeps drill bits organized in one convenient storage case. The Tough Case is made from ABS plastic for maximum durability, so it won't dent or rust. It's also built for stability and sturdiness when opened. Inside, the bits are readily accessible from corrosion-resistant stainless steel sleeves labeled with permanent size markings. This makes it easy to find and retrieve the proper bit and then replace it when finished. The Tough Case comes with a 29-piece collection of DeWALT Pilot Point® drill bits ranging in size from 1/16- to 1/2-inch. For more information, call (800) 4-DeWALT or visit www.DeWALT.com.

Beta Max, Inc.
Melbourne, Fla.

The new Max Climber 2000P Rack & Pinion Personnel Lift is ideal for scaffolding, restoration, facilities maintenance and general construction industries. The 2000P features 5 ft., 95 lb. galvanized mast sections that are easily connected with four bolts and attached to scaffolding or buildings with wall anchor kits. To ensure safety, the lift features a totally enclosed passenger cabin that offers interlock switches which detect when it is safe to enter and exit. The Max Climber 2000P cabin has the capacity to hold 2000 lbs. or a maximum of seven people. For more information, call (800) 233-5112 or visit www.betamaxhoist.com.

Trow & Holden Co. Inc.
Barre, Vt.

Trow and Holden Co. is proud to introduce five new carbide-tipped products in a variety of styles and sizes that will appeal to stonemasons. New carbide-tipped hammers include the StoneBuster (for splitting), the HammerSet (for edge-trimming) and the MashHammer (for splitting and trimming). The new solid-tooth carbide Bush Hammer has 16 teeth on one end and 25 teeth on the other for greater versatility when leveling or texturing hard stone surfaces. Finally, a recent addition to Trow and Holden's Comfort-Grip line of hand tools, the new carbide hand chisel features a contoured handle, which provides a better grip for more powerful blows. For more information, call (800) 451-4349 or visit www.trowandholden.com.

Bonstone Materials Corp.
Mukwonago, Wis.

Bonstone® offers a new buff color in the Bonstone Fast Set 41 Epoxy family. This pre-colored epoxy is designed as an alternative to limestone and sandstone assemblies where speed, durability and aesthetics are a high priority. Fast Set 41 epoxy is ideal for cold weather curing or fast setting applications, such as anchoring, mitered corners, stone returns, liner blocks, curtain wall panels, monuments, restoration and general bonding of stone. Bonstone epoxies will not stain or bleed into porous stones, thus leaving your bonded edge seamless. For more information, please visit www.bonstone.com.

United Gilsonite Laboratories (UGL)
Scranton, Penn.

UGL recently created the new DRYLOK Pourable Masonry Crack Filler. This product is specially formulated to adhere to all masonry and concrete surfaces, both indoor and outdoor. DRYLOK is ready to use — the container has an easy pour spout, so it doesn't require mixing or a caulk gun. The gray colored DRYLOCK fills cracks as big as 1/2" wide and, when properly applied, may be subjected to traffic in 24 hours. For more information, call (800) 272-3235 or visit www.ugl.com.

Does your company have a new product?
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