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President's Message

One of the long-range goals of the Mason Contractors Association of America (MCAA) is to work cooperatively with allied organizations, bringing the masonry industry together to expand all of our opportunities. As an association, we have worked hard to establish positive relationships within our industry and open the lines of communication so that we can share an understanding of what is important to our friends on both the supplier side and in labor.

MCAA's executive staff and senior officers, including myself, Frank Campitelli, Tom Daniel and Mackie Bounds, have had numerous meetings with our counterparts at other masonry associations in an effort to bring down the walls that divide our industry. In fact, we recently attended a summit with representatives from the Brick Industry Association (BIA), Building Stone Institute (BSI) and National Concrete Masonry Association (NCMA) to discuss areas in which our four organizations can work more cooperatively to build a stronger industry.

During this meeting, we touched on many topics of mutual interest. One particular focus was how we can come together to ensure that our industry has a strong labor force. We must be confident that, as we work to increase the use of our products, we will have a well-trained labor force to meet that increased demand. I am pleased to report that our organizations have agreed to meet during the coming year to map out a strategy aimed at building a stronger workforce, one which will be supported by all four associations. This unparalleled show of unity in dealing with this critical industry need gives me hope that the future of our industry will indeed be brighter.

Also during this meeting, we discussed the need for our four associations to work together in Washington, D.C., to impact both regulatory and legislative issues that can potentially hurt the masonry industry. In the past, each of our organizations has faced many of these issues alone. I am excited to report to you that the BIA, BSI, MCAA and NCMA have agreed to co-sponsor the Masonry Industry Legislative Conference in Washington, D.C., April 24-25. This unprecedented event is the first time that the members of all four of our associations will come together to publicly support the cause of strengthening the masonry industry.

We also talked about other areas, such as industry promotion, in which we can share information and work together to provide a unified front in dealing with our industry's competitors. And I believe that, as our industry continues to come together, we will be able to ensure that masonry will be the material of choice by our customers.

We have more work ahead of us. But if the spirit of cooperation and unity that was experienced during this recent summit continues in subsequent meetings, the future of our industry will undoubtedly be strong and profitable for everyone that makes a living from the masonry industry.



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