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Measuring & Aligning

While masonry may not be a "game," per se, it certainly is all about the precision and accuracy of your measurements. The following is a showcase of measuring and aligning products that are just a few of the industry's heavy hitters.

U.S. Tape Company
Patchogue, N.Y.

Cast Stone for Masonry ConstructionU.S. Tape Company is announcing the addition of a new line of flexible folding rulers. Made of rugged polyamide reinforced with 30% fiberglass, Rhino Rulers are built to be tough, yet extremely flexible. These folding rulers are impact resistant and waterproof for outdoor use. The scales are deeply embossed so they won't wear away, even under the harsh conditions of masonry work. The patented free-play joint with steel spring pin and 90-degree positive stop joints provide for ease of use and accurate measuring. For more information about Rhino Rulers or our other masonry measuring tools, call (631) 289-0500 or visit www.ustape.com.

Cooper Hand Tools
Apex, N.C.

Cast Stone for Masonry ConstructionThe Lufkin 1" x 25' Pro Series 3425 power return tape features the Ny-Clad® blade coating, stands up to the rough masonry applications, and lasts five times longer than a standard blade. The Lufkin Pro Series' patented end hook also lasts 10 times longer than ordinary end hooks. The non-slip toggle lock gives the user complete control of the power tape blade, and the rubber-cushioned shell provides an improved grip and protects the tape from impact. Conveniently, the PS3425 is compact for comfort and easy storage and comes with a removable belt clip. For more information, visit www.coopertools.com.

Irwin Industrial Tool Company
Huntersville, N.C.

Cast Stone for Masonry ConstructionIrwin's box beam levels are designed for accuracy and durability, constructed with premium-grade aluminum that offers unrivaled strength. The level resists warping, twisting or bending, and is guaranteed to remain accurate, even after a two-story drop or 50-degree temperature change. The vials include PlumbSiteTM and a luminous backing for easier reading in low-light situations. The vials also will never break, fade, fog, leak or develop static charge and can be calibrated in seconds with a simple turn of a hex key or Philips screwdriver. At the end of the day, the powder-coated finish allows for easy cleaning and removal of mortar. For more information, please visit www.irwin.com/irwin/consumer/jhtml/levels/levels.jhtml.

Hilti Inc.
Tulsa, Okla.

Cast Stone for Masonry ConstructionWith features like a unique leveling system and all-in-one remote control/receiver, a visible beam for indoors and weather protection for outdoors, the Hilti PR 25 Rotating Laser is a universal tool for all of your leveling and alignment applications. The PR 25 can be used horizontally, vertically, with an incline and for laying out 90-degree angles. Many of the system's components are built-in to reduce error from moving internal parts and the unique Hilti leveling system is designed to maintain accuracy when the tool is leveling. The PR 25 combination remote and electronic receiver can control the PR 25 from up to 325 feet away and enables scanning and Auto AlignmentTM. For more information, call (800) 879-8000 or visit www.us.hilti.com.

Keson Industries
Aurora, Ill.

Cast Stone for Masonry ConstructionIf you're snapping dozens of lines or need big bold lines provided by a thicker string, grab a Giant and get the job done. Some of the advantages include: a "glovable" grip for cold weather or rough conditions; a huge BigMouth® opening to ease fill up and a no-leak stopper to keep it shut until you want to chalk up; a steel rewind crank for a long life; a recessed handle clasp stores the handle out of the way; loose woven, polyester string that holds the chalk until it's snapped right where you want it; and an ABS case that takes a beating. For more information, call (800) 34-KESON or visit www.keson.com.

Kraft Tool Company
Shawnee, Kan.

Cast Stone for Masonry ConstructionThe revolutionary, U.S. patent pending, professional mason's layout and coursing rule is four tapes in one. This 25' mason's layout and coursing rule covers all of the traditional brick sizes — modular, standard and oversized — and also offers a general construction layout rule. Also, a 16" mark on the tape serves as a counter to easily determine the number of blocks or studs to locate wall tie points, and a red pin mark acts as a quick reference for most oversized bricks. For further information and a free 2005 catalog, please call (913) 422-4848 or visit www.krafttool.com.

Klein Tools
Chicago, Ill.

Cast Stone for Masonry ConstructionKlein Tools' two new fiberglass folding rules are built to withstand the rigors of the work site. The new 6' flexible folding rules are constructed of tough nylon reinforced with glass fibers for durability and resistance to weather, abrasion and most chemicals. For ease of use, the new folding rules have measurements marked in black on both sides and edges, graduated to 1/16 of an inch (graduations are also engraved). Red stud center indicators are marked every 16 inches. The folding rules have positive locking joints and stainless steel spring hinges to provide added strength and durability. For more information, please call (800) 553-4676 or visit www.kleintools.com.

San Antonio, Texas

Cast Stone for Masonry ConstructionThe LazerSpot LAZ-004 high-quality laser torpedo level is accurate to within 1/4 inch for every 100 feet (6 mm in 30 m). The level offers a 1/4-inch thread, which fits most camera tripods, and a magnetic base for steel work. It offers a laser dot or line option with the included dot to line converter. The level is CNC machined from billet aluminum and has 45- and 90-degree vials made of machined acrylic. The LAZ-004 runs on two AA batteries, which are included. For more information, call (888) 810-7194 or visit www.lazerspot.com.

Stanley Works
New Britain, Conn.

Cast Stone for Masonry ConstructionThe Stanley FatMax five-beam self-leveling laser emits five independent bright laser dots, which are accurately set at 90 degrees to each other for rapid setup of foundations, retaining walls and patios. When out of level, the beams blink to alert the user, allowing them to correct the problem quickly. This self-leveling laser is easily transportable and has an easy setup, allowing the tool be mounted on a standard (5/8"x11") or camera tripod, magnetically fixed to a metal surface, or strapped to a pipe or scaffold. This reduces the amount of set-up time to every job, enhancing overall usability. For more information, call (800) STANLEY or visit www.stanleyworks.com.

Kraft Tool Company
Shawnee, Kan.

Cast Stone for Masonry ConstructionThe new, innovative ammo chalk line box holds 150' of chalk line and 1-1/2 pounds of chalk. This moisture-resistant box has a weather and waterproof cover. The ammo box is easy to refill and has a one-piece crank handle to pull the line back in. The string has on oversized ring for ease in pulling out the chalk line. This is a perfect tool for any construction marking needs. For further information and a free 2005 catalog, please call (913) 422-4848 or visit www.krafttool.com.

Cooper Hand Tools
Apex, N.C.

Cast Stone for Masonry ConstructionThe Lufkin 6' x 5/8" brick mason's wood rule end contains a scale specifically created for bricklayers. One side contains a brick spacing rule with course counters numbered consecutively in red, giving the correct scale to use for brick spacing while the wall is being laid. The other side of the rule has the normal rule markings indicated in black while matching with the brick spacing rule. The rule features graduated vertical inches marked to the 1/16" on both edges. With its ease of use, the Lufkin 6' x 5/8" brick mason's wood rule end improves bricklaying efficiency. For more information, visit www.coopertools.com.

Klein Tools
Chicago, Ill.

Cast Stone for Masonry ConstructionThe new line of power return rules with magnetic dual-end hooks and double-sided blades is available in four sizes: 16', 25', 30' and 7.5 meters. The large dual-end hooks with double-sided blades and oversized numbers provide for precise measurements, markings and drawings. The dual-end hook is also triple-riveted with a bottom blade protector to reinforce the blade tip and provide maximum pull-out length. A true zero feature ensures accurate inside and outside measuring. Other features on the new tape measures include an impact-absorbing rubber molded case, graduations printed on both sides of the rule and a nylon-coating on the one-inch wide hardened steel blade for maximum durability. For more information, please call (800) 553-4676 or visit www.kleintools.com.

San Antonio, Texas

Cast Stone for Masonry ConstructionLazerSpotTM laser products are quality, rugged, accurate and inexpensive tools designed for the construction industry. The LAZ-008 self-leveling cross line is used for either brick or block layout, projecting a vertical, horizontal or cross line for square or plumb. The LAZ-008 has an immediate payback, saving time and money, as only one person is needed to do layouts, alignments and plumb. This product also has an "out of level" detector, power-saving auto shutoff, camera tripod adapter, waterproof membrane switch, built-in lock protection for safe transportation and a belt pouch. For more information, call (888) 810-7194 or visit www.lazerspot.com.



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