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November 2008

New Products

Park Industries
St. Cloud, Minn.

News and Information about the Masonry Industry

Park Industries' Tiger 1100 Diamond Belt Saw has programmable, block-to-block and cut-to-cut sawing modes. The operator is no longer required to move the saw up, down or over to the next cut or to the next block; the machine does it for you. The belt saw's AMP control maximizes sawing speed through the stone maximizing your diamond belt. Machine movements are controlled by a synchronized gantry system — proven technology that has been applied to the majority of Park's large gantry saws, proving smooth travel motions and accurate gantry positioning anywhere along the rail. www.parkindustries.com

Jergens, Inc.

News and Information about the Masonry Industry

Jergens Inc.'s Hydraulic Vise Column features a patented swivel coupling to save operator time by eliminating the need to disconnect and reconnect the two hydraulic hoses as the column rotates. Each vise can be independently operated to quickly unload and load parts. The extremely compact rotary coupling does not interfere with tooling. Hydraulic power provides a fast, repeatable action that ensures consistent clamping force, up to 4,700 pounds of clamping capacity, without the variability due to operator fatigue that can occur with manual vises. www.jergensinc.com


News and Information about the Masonry Industry

MSA's AirHawk II Air Mask offers either the Ultra Elite Facepiece or new industrial Advantage 4000 Facepiece. The Advantage 4000 Facepiece provides adapters for Twin-Cartridge Respirator conversion (using Advantage Cartridges) or an RD40 Facepiece. The AirHawk II Air Mask now incorporates as standard the same Audi-Larm Audible Alarm End-of-Service-Time-Indicator (EOSTI) as the proven fire service FireHawk M7 Air Mask. The masks also offer low- and high-pressure versions. www.MSAnorthamerica.com

West Fargo, N.D.

News and Information about the Masonry Industry

Bobcat's Toolcat 5610 features a three-point hitch and hydraulic power take off for rear implements and the ability to run more than 40 front-mounted Bobcat attachments. Toolcat utility work machines accomplish many of the same tasks as a compact tractor, attachment carrier, compact loader and utility vehicle. The Toolcat 5610 has an available Category 1 three-point hitch that allows buildings and grounds crews, landscapers, agriculture producers and property owners to perform a variety of tasks with three-point implements. Customers with existing Category 1 three-point implements, up to 1,775 pounds, will be able to use them on the Toolcat 5610. www.bobcat.com/mytoolcat

Milwaukee Electric Tool Corp.
Brookfield, Wis.

News and Information about the Masonry Industry

Milwaukee Electric Tool Corp.'s M12 HACKZALL Reciprocating Saw is a compact, lightweight saw designed for powerful, versatile cutting in tight spaces for tradesman as they tackle plumbing, electrical, remodeling and HVAC applications. The saw cuts more than 80 pieces of 1.5-inch PVC on a single charge. The lightweight design offers less user fatigue as well as one-handed operation. Compact design makes it easier for users to access tight spaces or awkward angles. The HACKZALL features a variable speed trigger that provides increased user control. www.milwaukeetool.com

Vista, Calif.

News and Information about the Masonry Industry

FoxFury's Performance Tactical Headlamp offers ample panoramic lighting and hands-free abilities for use in construction. The headlamp's 24 white LED configuration puts forth a wide array of light so that hands do not cast shadows while working, thus offering the ability to work more quickly and efficiently. With a light output of 51 lumens, the light permits visibility up to 150 feet ahead and 60 feet wide. Waterproof and impact resistant, the Tactical's adjustable tilt allows a user to direct light where desired, reducing the need to move one's head or neck. www.foxfury.com

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