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Mortar & Restoration NEW!
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New Products

Beta Max Inc.
Melbourne, Fla.

Masonry Magazine

Beta Max Inc. has introduced its new Max Climber 6000 Passenger hoist system. The Max Climber 6000P is ideal for projects that require lifting personnel and various materials in industries including masonry, scaffolding, drywall, glazing, and restoration and renovation. The Max Climber 6000P minimizes waiting time and increases productivity on the job site. The Max Climber 6000P has a lifting capacity of 6,000 lbs. and can hold a maximum of 35 passengers. To ensure passenger safety, the lift has an overload sensing system that notifies the operator when the maximum weight has been breached. For more information, call (800) 233-5112, or visit www.betamaxhoist.com.

Gehl Company
West Bend, Wis.

Masonry Magazine

The new Gehl 383Z excavator features zero tail-swing maneuverability, which allows the machine's superstructure to rotate entirely within its tracks. Its small size — weighing 7,826 lbs. with a canopy, and 8,002 lbs. with a cab — and maneuverability make it a perfect fit for congested sites. The 383Z excavator also enhances both operator space and serviceability; the size of the operator's compartment is maximized by mounting the powerful 29 hp (21 kW) Yanmar diesel engine on the side of the machine, and the hydraulic and fuel tanks on the rear of the machine. For more information, call the Gehl literature hotline at (800) 628-0491, or visit www.gehl.com.

Buechel Stone Corp.
Fond du Lac, Wis.

Masonry Magazine

Buechel Stone is excited to announce the launch of their new product, Chilton Woodlake Blend. This product has a blend of irregular and rectangular shaped pieces and features a natural color combination of gray, blue, brown, lavender and mauve. Chilton Woodlake Blend is perfect for those seeking an elegant look with depth of color and texture. Buechel Stone Corp. quarries and manufactures a full line of building and landscape stone that is distributed nationally and internationally through an extensive dealer network. For more information, call (800) 236-4473, or visit www.buechelstone.com.

Nite Ize Inc.
Boulder, Colo.

Masonry Magazine

The new Figure 9 is the most efficient, knot-free device for rope securing and tightening. The Figure 9 eliminates the frustration of tying, adjusting and untying knots, and is perfect for everyday uses for transporting, carrying and storing items. Made of strong aluminum, the Figure 9 has no moving parts and is easy to use with instructions laser engraved right on the device. Just wrap the rope around the Figure 9, pull it tight and go. Available in two sizes: small, which secures up to 50 pounds; and large, which secures up to 150 pounds. For more information, call (800) 678-6483, or visit www.niteize.com.

Westchester, N.Y.

Masonry Magazine

EARTHROX stone veneer system is a unique new stone veneer that will dramatically change the way natural stone materials are used in the industry. Designed by master masons, EARTHROX consist of a variety of pre-cut, modularized, architectural-grade natural stone veneer products that come in various forms such as stone panels, loose stone veneer, L-shaped corners and quoins, etc. In addition to its attractive, sleek look, EARTHROX stone veneer system is remarkably easy to install. This dramatically cuts down on costs of installation, as a job that typically might take months to install, now may take weeks. For more information, call (914) 301-5435, or visit www.earthrox.net.

Willow Creek Concrete Products
Oakdale, Minn.

Masonry Magazine

Willow Creek's Aqua-Loc paver system can create usable spaces that previously were unsuitable for paving — especially on urban commercial sites subject to new federal Clean Water Act storm water regulations. The Aqua-Loc system permits storm water to drain through voids between the pavers into subsurface detention areas, where it's directed through a series of natural filtration processes before gradually exiting the system. By creating subsurface detaining and filtration areas, the need for space-wasting detention ponds is dramatically reduced or even eliminated. Also, because of their flexible surface, Aqua-Loc permeable pavers tolerate movement from freeze/thaw cycles without damage, making them especially well suited to harsh Northern climates. For more information, call (651) 773-7480, or visit www.willowcreekpavingstones.com.

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