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Moisture Management

One of the main issues that every mason contractor, architect and engineer has to grapple with is the ideal solution for getting moisture moving in, out and around masonry walls. As more research is completed on the subject, we're finding that — ultimately — there is no single solution but a myriad of combinations that work well together, given certain circumstances.

From flashing and vents to anchors and waterproofing, here are just a few of the newer moisture management products in masonry construction.

A Practical Guide
to Waterproofing Exterior Walls

The Sealant, Waterproofing & Restoration (SWR) Institute is proud to announce that "A Practical Guide to Waterproofing Exterior Walls" is ready for delivery. The guide is intended to provide an overview of above-grade waterproofing techniques and products for exterior walls. It offers a better understanding of the best practices in the field of waterproofing repairs, including the following substrates:

Curtain Walls
Terra Cotta

Each chapter in the guide includes a general description of the substrate, step-by-step instructions on investigation and repair, a discussion of common failures, repair options, references to additional resources and troubleshooting assistance. It's the reference guide no waterproofing professional should be without, so order your copy today!

"A Practical Guide to Waterproofing Exterior Walls" can be purchased for $59.95 online at www.swrionline.org/Publications.asp?m=4.

For more information and quantity discounts, please contact Debra Nemec at SWR Institute headquarters by calling (816) 472-7974 or e-mailing debn@robstan.com.

The QUIKRETE® Companies
Atlanta, Ga.

moisture management products in masonry constructionWhether new or old, masonry and concrete walls and structures, particularly basements, should be treated with a water-resistant coating to prevent the entry of water and moisture that will lead to deterioration and damage. The QUIKRETE line of water-resistant products includes QUIKRETE Masonry Coating, Heavy-Duty Masonry Coating and Waterproofing Paint for Masonry. All three of these products are formulated for use on all interior and exterior walls, either above or below grade. QUIKRETE Masonry Coating and Heavy-Duty Masonry Coating are Portland cement-based products that are mixed with water to a brushable consistency and applied. QUIKRETE Heavy-Duty Masonry Coating is reinforced with minerals to provide the most durable water-resistant coating possible. QUIKRETE QUIK-COATTM Waterproofing Paint for Masonry is ready to apply from the can with a brush, roller or spray equipment. For more information, call (800) 282-5828 or visit www.quikrete.com.

Harleysville, Pa.

moisture management products in masonry constructionA breakthrough in sealant technology, Pecora 890FTS is the industry's first Class 100 non-staining field-tintable silicone. With the launch of Pecora 890FTS, the contractor merely takes the pail of 890FTS to the job site and tints it in a three minute mix with a Pecora Universal Color Pack. Contractors save time and money by eliminating the costs associated with ordering too much or too little silicone for a job. With 890FTS, contractors can use any leftover base units for their next project regardless of what colors are needed. For more information on where to purchase Pecora products, please visit www.pecora.com.

Heckmann Building Products Inc.
Melrose Park, Ill.

moisture management products in masonry constructionThe Pos-I-Tie wing nut is a two-piece anchoring system that installs with a standard 5/16" nut driver. The wing portion is then adjusted to form the proper seal against the sheathing, thus preventing moisture penetration to the backup. The barrel makes a positive contact with the backup transferring all tension and compression forces to the backup and not to the sheathing. A double-pronged pintle tie is then inserted for placement in the brick veneer. The wing nut screws are available in six different lengths. For more information, please call (800) 621-4140, e-mail info@heckmannbuildingprods.com, or visit www.heckmannbuildingprods.com.

EMSEAL Joint Systems Ltd.
Westborough, Mass.

One cubic foot of water is equal to 7.48 gallons of water.

Source: New Jersey Section of the American Water Works Association
COLORSEAL is a unique, pre-compressed, hybrid, silicone- and impregnated-foam sealant. Designed for structures made of concrete, brick and stone, as well as curtain wall and metal cladding systems, COLORSEAL overcomes the fatigue and potential cohesion failure of liquid sealants by combining factory-applied and cured silicone bellows with an impregnated expanded foam sealant backing.

moisture management products in masonry constructionThe silicone used in COLORSEAL remains pliant, UV stable and watertight over time and temperature gradient. COLORSEAL features non-invasive anchoring, has an R-value of approximately 3.28 per inch of depth, and the foam seal is watertight after a single material installation. For more information call (800) 526-8365 or visit www.emseal.com.

Keene Building Products
Mayfield, Ohio

moisture management products in masonry constructionKeene's DRIWALL products' solutions for brick, stone and cultured stone applications include weep vents, mortar collection devices and full wall Rainscreen applications. In some masonry applications the thickness of the cavity is not sufficient and mortar jams the cavity. This is especially problematic in thin applications of one inch or less. DRIWALL masonry vents create vertical channels and connect to DRIWALL weep vents to create a path for wall ventilation and DRIWALL rainscreen assures the entire cavity is free from excess mortar. For more information, call (440) 720-080.

Advanced Building Products, Inc.
Springvale, Maine

moisture management products in masonry constructionCopper Sealtite 2000 is the newest lightweight copper through wall flashing on the market. The patented non-asphaltic copper flashing consists of a three- or five-ounce copper sheet laminated between two layers of dense fiberglass fabric. This non-asphaltic copper flashing is completely compatible with most construction sealants. Ease of handling and field workability make Copper Sealtite 2000 a natural choice for permanent moisture protection. The rolls are 36 inches wide and 60 feet long (will slit to multiple widths). Visit www.advancedflashing.com for more information.

Protecto Wrap Company
Denver, Colo.

moisture management products in masonry constructionProtecto Sill Drainage System is a revolutionary peel-and-stick windowsill drainage system that offers protection to the window opening from black mold and moisture damage. This unique window drainage system combines Protecto Wrap's advanced peel-and-stick adhesive with positive-sloped, closed cell foam that ensures any water or condensation found inside the window opening will be directed to the outside weather plane of the structure. The closed cell foam is designed with a half-inch back dam to help promote additional drainage and protection. An advanced mold resistant wicking material applied to the top of Protecto Sill Drainage SystemTM absorbs and transfers the moisture to the outside of the window opening. For more information, call (800) 759-9727, or visit www.protectowrap.com.

Fiberweb - Clark/Hammerbeam Corporation
Dedham, Mass.

moisture management products in masonry constructionCopper AQUA FLASH is a new "self-sticking" copper flashing. Consisting of a solid sheet of copper permanently bonded to a clear film on one side and coated with 40 mils of rubberized asphalt on the other, this product represents the latest and most innovative in copper flashings. The rubberized asphalt adds not only an additional layer of waterproofing, but significantly increases the overall longevity of the copper flashing. Copper AQUA FLASH is not subject to degradation from alkalis or acids, and it can be applied directly to masonry and other building materials. For more information, call (781) 461-1946, e-mail fiberweb@verizon.net, or visit www.fiberwebflashing.com.

4,000 cubic miles of the earth's water is atmospheric moisture.

Source: National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior

moisture management products in masonry construction
York Manufacturing
Sanford, Maine

York Manufacturing introduces Flash-Vent, the revolutionary through wall copper flashing with a proprietary surface layer of non-woven wicking fabric. The composite layer draws moisture behind and beneath mortar droppings and right out through the mortar joint, doing away with the need for mortar deflection and other components. York's asphalt-free rubber adhesive bonds the wicking layer to a three- or five-ounce copper core and lightweight fiberglass backing. It's easily formed by hand, and compatible with most caulks and sealants. Installation is fast, easy and saves you money with fewer components and less freight to the work site. For more information, please call (800) 551-2828, or visit www.yorkmfg.com.

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  • Innovative Product Offers Assistance in Moisture Management



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