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Golden Trowel Awards

The Texas Masonry Council (TMC) held its annual convention in conjunction with the MCAA mid-year meeting, September 23-25, in San Antonio. In addition to the meetings, attendees participated in a golf tournament, sporting clay tournament and the final evening gala, which included the TMC Golden Trowel Awards ceremony.

The Texas Masonry Council strives to achieve excellence in all aspects of construction by upholding high principles and inspiring distinction and quality in the members of this organization. Through the Golden Trowel Awards, the association recognizes architects who demonstrate excellence in design, as only excellent design gives skilled masons the challenge to excel in their field as well.

Every year, mason contractors submit projects on behalf of outstanding architects in the hopes that their joint achievements may be awarded the coveted Golden Trowel Award. A panel of distinguished judges was charged with the task of deciphering exceptional from excellent on the basis of design, craftsmanship, overall aesthetic appeal and difficulty. From their labors, awards are presented in each of six categories: Brick, CMU, Stone, Publicly Funded K-12, Residential (single & multi-family), and Hardscape, Landscape & Restoration.

TMC appreciates and offers sincere gratitude to the architects and contractors who honored these awards with their time and their talents.

Congratulations to all of the following winners, whose distinction and quality inspire excellence in design and craftsmanship.

For more information about TMC, please visit www.texasmasonrycouncil.org.

Mason Contractor: * W.W. Bartlett, Inc.
Architect: Jackson and Ryan Architects
Suppliers: Acme Brick, Dallas Cast Stone, Mustang Metal and Supply, Thode Masonary Supply & Tool, and Upchurch Kimbrough

Mason Contractor: * Winco Masonary, Inc.
Architect: Hughes Group
Supplier: Upchurch Kimbrough

Mason Contractor: * Dee Brown, Inc.
Architect: Peter Walker & Partners
Suppliers: Campolonghi, Centennial Moisture Control, Cold Spring Granite, Featherlite, Freda s.r.l., Hohmann & Barnard

Mason Contractor: * Winco Masonary, Inc.
Architect: PBK Architects, Inc.
Suppliers: Stone Castle and Upchurch Kimbrough

Mason Contractor: * Lucia Constructors, Inc.
Architect: Hermes Architects
Suppliers: Lucia, Mustang Metal, South Texas Stone, and Southwest Concrete Products

Mason Contractor: Looking Good Masonry, Inc.
Architect: Charles B. Travis, Architects
Suppliers: Material Products International, Mezger Enterprises, Inc., and Texas Limestone Corporation



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