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New Products

Philadelphia, Pa.

Placed between each layer of cement block and then covered with mortar, Bloc-Trak enables you to build masonry walls straight and level. The galvanized steel tracks provide superior reinforcement and are available in four-, eight- and 10-foot lengths. Bloc-Trak also has unique spacers for masonry block, glass block and brick. For more information on the product or investment, call (215) 677-2650 or (877) 266-1483.

Bon Tool Co.
Gibsonia, Pa.

Bon Tool's line of interlocking paver handling tools now includes a slab mover, sand and base rakes, curb tongs and a new splitter. These new items work in combination with the current tool line to provide contractors with everything necessary to complete an interlocking landscape project. The slab mover handles slabs up to 40 inches and 330 pounds. The new curb tongs, with a jaw capacity of 14-1/2 inches and a recommended weight load of 110 pounds, are ideal for placing and aligning smaller-sized slabs and large block. For more information contact our sales department at (724) 443-7080 or visit www.bontool.com.

Hydro Mobile
L'Assomption, Québec, Canada

Hydro Mobile has launched the new P-Series, one of the most practical, portable and profitable mast climbers on the market and the perfect tool for smaller scale jobs or restrained areas. The P-Series has a deck dimension of 28" x 63", a 6,000-pound load capacity, can be elevated up to 300', has a free-standing height of 20' with outriggers extended, and weighs 2,280 pounds. With a 9 hp, gasoline Honda engine, the deck can travel up to three feet per minute. Furthermore, this mast climber can be hauled on the back of a truck, quickly set up and easily relocated. For more information, call (888) 484-9376 or visit www.hydro-mobile.com.

Invisible Tuckpointing Ltd.
Lewiston, N.Y.

This high-quality diamond blade is designed specifically for mortar removal of vertical brick joints. Invisible Tuckpointing's Precision Blade can eliminate, or at least dramatically reduce, the widespread occurrence of saw operators accidentally cutting a notch into the bricks immediately above or below the head joints they are attempting to remove while using a grinder. The Precision Blade has a 7mm segment and a diameter of three inches. For more information, e-mail pointingwork@aol.com or call (416) 948-2591.

Park Industries
St. Cloud, Minn.

Park's HYDRA-SPLIT QS-700 GT series of portable masonry splitters are engineered and manufactured with the same strict requirements as Park's other legendary splitters. The portable QS-700 GT overhead masonry splitters feature exclusive HYDRA-SPLIT "dry wedge" chisel equalization systems to provide optimal chisel positioning. The series have a throat width opening of 36", 24" chisel width area and 12" cut height opening. The hydraulic system is powered by a 20hp, v-twin engine, and five different models are available including: trailer gas; trailer diesel; and stationary gas, diesel or electric. For more information on the HYDRA-SPLIT QS-700 masonry splitter series, call (800) 328-2309.

Trail Blazer Quality Outdoor Products
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada

Trail Blazer's Bedliner Rake is an innovative product that revolutionizes how you clean your bedliner. Truck owners have used hoses and brooms, trying to remove debris from their bedliners; however, hoses are very slow and messy, while brooms "clog up" and do a poor job. Trail Blazer has solved that problem! The Bedliner Rake is tough enough for all jobs and will not damage your bedliner. The multi-profile shape fits all standard rib-type bed liners and threads onto any standard broom handle. For more information, call toll-free (800) 565-6564, e-mail info@trailblazerproducts.com or visit www.trailblazerproducts.com.

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