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New Products

Washington, Wis.

Lull, with parent company OmniQuip/Textron, has introduced the latest rough terrain telescopic handler. This 6,000 pound capacity machine offers significant advantages in visibility, maneuverability and ease of serviceability over competitive rough terrain telescopics. Some models feature the PlaceAce System, which allows loads to be moved forward at any height without driving the machine. The boom also withdraws the forks in a level plane to speed load cycling. For more information, contact Steve Kiskunas at (262) 268-4432 or visit their website at www.new644E.com.

Star Industries
Fort Worth, Texas

This new forkframe features 1-1/2" x 2" block forks, or what some call cubing forks. Designed for handling concrete block, they are also great for banded brick; you can also slide the forks together and use them like traditional pallet forks. The forks are shaft mounted in a frame constructed of 3/8" thick strap steel for strength and durability. Slotted shaft guides complement the design by allowing the forks to float, making it quick and easy to get in or out of a load, even on unlevel terrain. A tapered backstop with safety step provides a clear, safe path to the operator's seat — no more climbing over the top of the backstop. The universal quick-tach fits most current models of skid-steer loaders. The new Star Industries Skid-Steer Forkframe is available with a set of four or six forks. For more information, visit their website at www.starindustries.com, or call (800) 541-1797.

Kraft Tool Co.
Shawnee, Kan.

Kraft Tool Co. now manufactures a steel, heavy-duty mortar box that is "tough as a rhino," with a 10 cubic foot capacity. It features #10 gauge heavy-duty steel, 6" forklift clearance on all sides, joints lapped with continuous welds for extra strength, and heavy-duty, reinforced top lip. Special narrow mortar box design slows down mortar set-up time, plus takes up less room on scaffolding. The forklift design makes for easy transporting from mixer to work areas. For further information, call (913) 422-4848, or visit their website at www.krafttool.com.

VR Industries
Rochester, N.Y.

Using an interlocking block, the VR2000 can lift and place three blocks at a time from cube to wall. This capability allows crews to lay more block per day with little or no employee fatigue, thereby reducing the potential of on the job injury and the need for additional laborers. The VR2000 is adaptable to different block configurations (Standard, Solid, Keystone or Natural Stone) and will pick three standard block from the cube, placing them one at a time, allowing for the Head Joints to be mortared. The VR2000 is available in Masonry, Block Production and Landscaping models. It is also truck, trailer or rail mountable depending on the application. For more information on this new machine, call (800) 637-2776.

Ground Heaters, Inc.
Spring Lake, Mich.

Specifically designed for builders, utilities and small construction contractors, Ground Heaters' AC1100 Ground Heater includes more ground thawing and concrete curing capabilities than previous models. The AC1100 increases productivity by allowing equipment and crews to prepare building sites and pour concrete, indoors and out, all winter long. Able to thaw up to 1,650 square feet of frozen ground at a rate of one-foot-deep per day, the AC1100 can also heat up to 2,200 square feet of ground to prepare for concrete placement, prevent frost penetration or assure proper concrete curing. For more information, please call (231) 799-9600, or visit their website at www.groundheaters.com.

West Chester, Penn.

For jobsites that require multiple functions — like hammering, chiseling and drilling a wide range of materials — Metabo's new line of UHE Multi Hammers perform all three tasks with a single tool. Unique to this new line is a rotary hammer function with a two-speed gear train that allows for the equally effective drilling and chiseling of concrete, brick and other masonry materials. To further enhance versatility and functionality, UHE Multi Hammers are furnished with a quick-change SDS-Plus chuck, as well as a three-pronged chuck that accepts a full range of non-masonry bits and allows bit changes without the use of tools. Call (800) 638-2264 or visit their website at www.metabousa.com for more information.



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