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October 2007

New Products

AMB Mail Boxes Inc.
Lewisville, Texas

masonry Magazine

U.S. Mail identity theft claims thousands of victims every day. The MailSaver is the best way to stop the fastest growing crime in America. You are providing homeowners with peace of mind and security by protecting their mail, locked right in front of their homes. All eight MailSaver styles are stainless steel with a lifetime warranty and are available with a front- or rear-locking retrieval door. The MailSaver can be installed to match new or existing homes with brick, stone or stucco. Complete dealer support with brochures, advertising and training is available. MailSaver dealers are wanted. For more information, 866-434-9797, or visit www.themailsaver.net.

COX North America Inc.
Haslett, Mich.

masonry Magazine

COX North America Inc. has introduced a new 14.4-volt line of battery-powered caulk guns. The line is designed and built to provide fast, efficient and easy application of even the most viscous of adhesives and sealants. Strong, rigid construction, backed by the COX name, offers efficient and reliable operation. The product line includes models for 10- and 29-ounce cartridges, along with a 10- to 20-ounce sausage version. All guns feature an anti-drip feature, variable speed control and an ergonomically designed handle for operator comfort. Each applicator is supplied with a customized case, charger, and one 14.4-volt NiCad rechargeable battery. For more information, call 800-822-8114, or visit www.cox-applicators.com.

Metabo Corp.
West Chester, Pa.

masonry Magazine

Metabo Corp. offers a new half-inch hammer drill for increased productivity in a variety of drilling applications. The SBE1010 Plus features a half-inch Futuro Top keyless chuck, which makes bit changes quick and easy and ensures secure bit clamping. Under extreme conditions, with Metabo's Vario Tacho Constamatic speed stabilization, the hammer drill increases efficiency by working at nearly 100 percent of the no-load speed right up to the full rated amp load (eight amps). In addition, Metabo's Service Minder light signals to the operator when it is time to change-out the tool's carbon brushes. For more information, please visit www.metabousa.com, or call 800-638-2264.

Mace Industries USA Ltd. LLC
Raleigh, N.C.

masonry Magazine

Used by roofers, masons and other construction trades, BUMPA is a portable conveyor belt system used to continually feed materials up to three stories high. Fully loaded with, for instance, roofing tile, you can expect to deliver 1,000 tiles in 25 minutes. Also, two or more BUMPAs can be synchronized to lift metal panels and other large materials up to the roof level. BUMPA folds away for ease of storage and will open out to 33 feet to reach the eaves of a three-story home. For more information, please contact Andy Lee at 919-761-0716, email sales@maceindustriesusa.com, or visit www.maceindustriesusa.com.

New Avionics Corp.
Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

masonry Magazine

New Avionics Corp. has introduced the new Ice*Meister Model 9734 industrial ice-detecting sensor, a revolutionary new kind of ice detector for use in static-air applications. Once "tuned" for the application at hand, Model 9734 operates as a digital ice/no-ice indicator. When set at maximum sensitivities, it detects the incipient formation of any kind of ice. When set at minimum sensitivities, it distinguishes heavy ice from slightly heavier ice. The Ice*Meister Model 9734 sensors are priced from $750, depending on the configuration. Available options include a weatherproof NEMA 4X enclosure box. For more information, call 954-568-1991, or visit www.NewAvionics.com.

Sakrete - Bonsal American
Charlotte, N.C.

masonry Magazine

Sakrete's new Stone Veneer Mortar offers consistent and smooth material for professional-grade application. Stone Veneer Mortar is formulated for high performance and used for setting and grouting artificial stone on horizontal or vertical concrete, or concrete masonry substrates. It is also polymer modified to greatly improve the adhesion of the mortar and stones to substrate, especially in vertical applications. Stone Veneer Mortar's quality is highly consistent from bag to bag, eliminating the potential for waste, uneven proportions of mix components, and other problems associated with on-site mixing. It also meets the federal specifications and ASTM C 270 and ASTM C 387. For more information, call 800-738-1621, or visit www.sakrete.com.

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