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New Products

Airplaco Equipment Co.
Cincinnati, Ohio

New Products for Masonry Contractors

The Handy-Grout (model HG-9) is a versatile, durable and portable grout pump. A hand-operated, self-priming positive piston pump, the Handy-Grout pumps a wide variety of high-viscosity grouts up to 15 cubic feet per hour. The Handy-Grout features a lightweight cast assembly, five-gallon polyurethane material hopper, in-line pressure gauge, hose and straight pipe nozzle. For use with applications such as door frames, void filling, block filling, reinforcement, waterproofing and more. For more information, visit www.airplaco.com or www.handygrout.com.

Hohmann & Barnard
Hauppauge, N.Y.

New Products for Masonry Contractors

The X-SEALTM anchor is the next generation veneer anchor from H&B. The X-SEAL anchor improves upon the DW-10-X® anchor by moving the horizontal pronged legs in from each end, enabling the back plate portion of the anchor to effectively seal the wallboard/insulation. This helps to maintain the integrity of the vapor barrier and prevents the ingress of air and moisture through the sheathing. The pronged legs are now also rib-stiffened and oriented closer to each other than on the original DW-10-X, enhancing the compressive strength by over 20%. For more information, call (631) 234-0600, or visit www.h-b.com.

Manitou North America
Waco, Texas

New Products for Masonry Contractors

Manitou North America is pleased to introduce the MLT 627. This new Maniscopic is an update to the MLT 526 that incorporates EPA Tier II compliant engines and other value-added benefits. The model also features such improvements as a mono ultra joystick control that allows fast and precise maneuvering, power shuttle transmission that puts maximum torque to the drive wheels, two additional front and one rear cab-mounted work lights for low light conditions, and a standard auxiliary hydraulic circuit with a flow rate of 28 gpm @ 3,600 psi. The MLT 627 can handle 6,000 pounds of cargo with a lift height of 18' and a forward reach of 11'. For more information, visit www.manitou-na.com.

Lawrence, Kan.

New Products for Masonry Contractors

The Sure Klean® Hi-Flow 1000 masonry washing machine uses lower psi and more gallons of water per minute than standard pressure washers. The machine offers 1,000 psi, which is unlikely to damage masonry even in the hands of an inexperienced user; 6-8 gallons per minute output; a durable, water-lubricated Stingray pump that can stay in bypass mode indefinitely without damage; and an 8 hp OHV recoil Honda motor. During recent time trials, the Hi-Flow 1000 fully pre-wet a 4' x 8' section of concrete wall in 20 seconds, compared to a pressure washer's 100 seconds. For more information, e-mail Marketing@prosoco.com or visit www.prosoco.com.

Sto Corp.
Atlanta, Ga.

New Products for Masonry Contractors

Sto Corp. has released StoTiqueTM, a coating treatment that creates the illusion of aging by replicating patina surfaces while enhancing the aesthetics and performance of the coating system. StoTique is an exterior and interior coating that can be applied over any Sto finish to achieve an antique or mottled appearance that will make any new surface look many years old. The color and texture options available with StoTique are limited only by your imagination. For more information, visit www.stocorp.com or call (800) 221-2397 or (404) 346-0755.

Thorogood / Weinbrenner Shoe Co. Inc
Merrill, Wisc.

New Products for Masonry Contractors

Work footwear has long provided protection for the foot with the traditional steel toecap; however, metatarsal protection has finally come of age with the Thorogood I-METTM. A breakthrough in safety and protection, I-MET features the only internal metatarsal guard that's completely integrated with the steel toecap. Permanently locked in place to prevent rolling or floating upon impact, MetGuard flexes with your foot to maintain all-day comfort. Memory foam padding between the MetGuard and the wearer provides cushioning and helps absorb impacts to the foot and instep. The outsole is rubber with a 90 heel, while the midsole is lightweight, compression molded polyurethane. For more information, call (800) 826-0002, or visit www.weinbrennerusa.com.

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