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January 2007

New Products

Accurate Color Coded Masonry Concepts
Norfolk, Mass.

Information for Masonry Contractors

QuikCourse brick spacing tape is guaranteed to enable you to become a more accurate and productive bricklayer. This brick course layout tool will increase productivity by providing an accurate layout for brick spacing. Just apply QuikCourse tape directly to your work surface, story poles, straightedges, etc., and build off the tape's guide. QuikCourse tapes use the standard two to six brick-spacing scales, available in color-coded rolls for each of the five sizes. Rolls come in lengths of 105 feet and can be purchased in both one-inch and two-inch widths. For more information or samples, call Mike at (508) 520-3301, or visit www.accmc.com or www.quikcourse.com.

Alimak Hek
Bridgeport, Conn.

Information for Masonry Contractors

Alimak Hek unveiled its Scando 650, which offers a large number of possible configurations with different doors and gates, speeds and payload capacities. This flexibility ensures that the Scando 650 can be configured to fit virtually any customer application. What's more, it can be done with relatively few modules and components, meaning that reconfiguring the unit is fast and simple. Available in single- or twin-car configurations, the Scando 650 offers payloads of 3,300 to 7,500 lbs/car and has a standard maximum lifting height of 1,312 feet, which can be increased upon request. For more information, call (203) 367-7400, or visit www.alimakhek.com.

EZ Grout Corporation
Waterford, Ohio

Information for Masonry Contractors

Following years of development, EZ Grout Corporation has announced the release of the Uphill Grout Hog. The newest hog to the market does everything that the original Grout Hog® does, except with an added benefit: an extended discharge arm. This feature decreases head height and saves the forklift several feet of boom extension, allowing the capability of pouring block in the bar joist of a building. And just like the GH-75, it features a unique swivel-base system that allows workers to reach 17 feet of wall quickly; it controls the grout without the use of a mechanical shut-off; and it allows for an easy, 15-minute clean-up. For more information, call (800) 417-9272, or visit www.ezgrout.com.

Metabo Corporation
West Chester, Pa.

Information for Masonry Contractors

Metabo Corporation now offers a six-inch angle grinder/cut-off machine with a non-locking paddle switch. The WEP14-150 Quick's new non-locking paddle switch increases user safety by automatically turning the grinder off when dropped, and its safe design positions the user's hand far from the grinding wheel. In addition to user safety, the electronic grinder also amplifies user productivity with Metabo's Tacho-Constamatic (TC) speed stabilization. TC electronics enable the grinder to work at nearly 100 percent of the no-load speed (9,000 RPM) right up to the grinder's full-rated amp load (12 amps). For more information, call (800) 638-2264, or visit www.metabousa.com.

TieHook LLC
Corte Madera, Calif.

Information for Masonry Contractors

TieHook LLC, a privately held manufacturer and distributor of specialty cargo systems, announced the national availability of its patented TieHook system. The product automates the process of tying knots when securing any type of goods with rope to utility racks, truck beds or trailers. For professionals, the TieHook represents a step forward for safety and efficiency, especially for those in construction and other businesses where people need to load and unload quickly, all the while knowing with confidence that they are hauling a safe and secure load. For more information, call (415) 462-0599, or visit www.tiehook.com.

Oakdale, Minn.

Information for Masonry Contractors

"Building Outdoor Environments with Retaining Walls" is a new, 128-page installation and idea book on segmental retaining walls. It features a detailed guide for installing retaining walls, with hundreds of beautiful color images of completed VERSA-LOK retaining wall installations, including backyards, front entryways, outdoor kitchens, patios, gardens and walkways. This volume is an excellent idea book for masonry and landscape contractors, designers and architects. "Building Outdoor Environments with Retaining Walls" is available for $24.95 from Schiffer Books. For more information or to order, call (610) 593-1777, or visit www.schifferbooks.com.

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