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January 2007

From the Editor

This is the Year to Make a Difference

What an amazing year we have ahead of us! Year 2007 is certainly going to be marked on the masonry industry timeline as something special. Why? Because there are so many opportunities to get involved, get networking and get the industry moving in the right direction.

For instance, Rashod Johnson, P.E., director of engineering for the Mason Contractors Association of America (MCAA), joins us for an enlightening look at how contractors can provide their expertise and knowledge to assist in the creation of realistic and truly effective codes and standards (see page 46). Did you know that, without mason contractor intervention, you would be required to have two masons lift every concrete masonry unit? Or that you would have been required to provide a lunchroom and locker room at every single construction site? These are the types of regulations that are being considered by the various standards and codes committees. If you want mason contractor-friendly codes and standards, then we need mason contractors to join the Masonry Standards Joint Committee, ASTM International and Occupational Safety and Health Administration committees.

In other areas, Lynn Nash, president of the Masonry Executives Council (MEC), joins us as a guest columnist to discuss the great potential of the MasonrySystems.org campaign (see page 12). Words really cannot express the amazing work that the MEC and Whole Wheat Creative, creators of the website and marketing plan for MasonrySystems.org, have done on this initiative. If nothing else, please take 10 minutes out of your day to visit the website and view either of the presentations available that discuss this all-encompassing project. Once you see the astonishing capabilities of this website, you will not be able to deny the tremendous potential for vastly increased communication, understanding and, ultimately, market share for the entire masonry industry. But it will take the support and sponsorship of the entire masonry industry to get this project in full motion. Make 2007 the year that this project takes off.

Last, but certainly not least, there is next month's MCAA Masonry Showcase in Orlando, Fla. In addition to the great exhibit hall, seminars and family activities, this year's convention will provide several opportunities to network and socialize with members of the National Concrete Masonry Association, which is having its annual convention in the same location. This is a great occasion for contractors and manufacturers to continue to build the industry. For more information about MCAA's Masonry Showcase, visit www.masonryshowcase.com.

And these are just a fraction of the monumental opportunities that abound in 2007. Check with your local, state and regional associations to discover even more projects and initiatives that are going on in your neck of the woods.

Together, we can make a difference.


In the December 2006 issue, we mistakenly credited the wrong architect for the Summit County Courthouse project depicted on page 22 ("More than just architectural dressing"). GPD Associates of Cleveland is the architect of record for the project. We apologize for the mistake.



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