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New Products

Alimak Hek Inc.
Bridgeport, Conn.

New Products for Masonry Contractors

Alimak Hek announces the HEK MSHF, a mast climbing work platform offering safe and reliable solutions for vertical access needs, and an ideal access solution for façades, towers and structures where anchoring is not an option. The HEK MSHF has the ability to free-stand 66 feet outside or 99 feet inside the mobile chassis, which can be moved with the mast in position. For added versatility, the HEK MSHF can be used for heights up to 660' in single- or twin-mast configuration with anchors at 50' intervals. The payload capacity is up to 8,800 lbs. The HEK MSHF can be installed by only two people, and is easily adapted to suit different needs. For more information, call (800) 525-4625, or visit www.alimakhek.com.

Atlas Copco Construction Tools
West Springfield, Mass.

New Products for Masonry Contractors

Ideal for a variety of demanding applications, Atlas Copco's hydraulic-powered cut-off saws slice through a wide range of materials, including brick, block, concrete, asphalt and steel. The 14-inch blade on the LS 14 provides a cutting depth of 5.3 inches, while the 16-inch LS 16 offers a cutting depth of 6.3 inches. The saws' simple direct-drive design provides consistent speed and torque and reduces maintenance requirements, particularly when compared with belt-driven saws. An open cutting face and adjustable blade guard, as well as a lightweight, well-balanced and compact design, make the cut-off saws easy to operate. For more information, call (800) 760-4049, or visit www.atlascopco.com.

The Kish Company
Yorba Linda, Calif.

New Products for Masonry Contractors

The new Pencil Pull, a retractable, wearable holder, solves a nagging problem for anyone who needs his or her writing instruments readily available. Clipped to a shirt, pants pocket or belt, the Pencil Pull features a strong retractable string with a pliable holder that keeps a firm grip on most writing instruments, including pens, pencils, carpenter pencils, lumber crayons, highlighters, markers and more. It also can grasp the often-lost stylus used with PDAs. While major hardware retailers offer the standard Pencil Pull, you can also order a customized version directly from the manufacturer. For more information, call (714) 639-7111, or visit www.pencilpull.com.

Knaack Manufacturing Company
Crystal Lake, Ill.

New Products for Masonry Contractors

Several product features have been improved in Knaack Manufacturing's WEATHER GUARD® steel underbed box product line for pickup trucks, and two new stainless steel door models have also been added. The improved product features include: a stainless steel D-handle, a three-point latching system, a new door design, a redesigned body frame and removable chain stays. The two new stainless steel door models added to the line are constructed of brushed 16-gauge stainless steel and have a black picture frame body design made from 14-gauge steel. For more information, call (800) 456-7865, or visit www.knaack.com.

Gehl Company
West Bend, Wis.

New Products for Masonry Contractors

Gehl Company is proud to announce the new E-Series skid loaders. This line of six new skid loaders range from the compact model 3640E, with a rated operating load of 1175 lbs., to the top-of-line model 6640E, with a rated operating load of 2900 lbs. (when equipped with the optional counterweights). The new E-Series skid loaders are designed with an optimized combination of performance, power, speed and operator comfort. The E-Series models provide the operating precision and maneuverability contractors want in compact loaders, along with high horsepower, superior hydraulic power, increased load capacities and spacious, quiet operator compartments. For more information, visit www.gehl.com, or contact the Gehl literature hotline at (800) 628-0491.

StoutKart LLC
Ontario, Ore.

New Products for Masonry Contractors

The innovative StoutKart not only transports pressure washers, welding and other equipment, but also uses a patented leverage design to easily lift up to 500 lbs. of weight. As you press down on the handle, the main platform of the StoutKart rises. When you reach the desired height, simply lock the handle and the Stout Kart remains in that position until you release the lock. The StoutKart can be mounted and dismounted from a receiver hitch using this easy mechanism and quick-release design. Plus, because the cart is mounted on the back of the vehicle rather than being towed, there are no special licensing, lighting or inspections required. For more information, call (888) 436-4600, or visit www.stoutkart.net.

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